My First Radio Interview with Bernama Radio

Bernama Radio Interview The Lounge TianChad Blogger Malaysia
Me together with DJ Gerard Ratnam
Apa khabar semua, yesterday 20th Sep 2012 mark the day I had my first radio interview with Bernama Radio! I was the special guest of the night for Bernama Radio's 'The Lounge @ 8Twelve Live' session:

"From time to time, this talk-back slot features a special guest every time and showcases topics from politics and economy to entertainment and sport! Interact with our guest in the studio by calling 03 2692 7939 or forward your comments on Bernama Radio's Facebook page ("
Well, I can't say I wasn't nervous because when there is something new that I've never experience before I will feel insecure. Worry about what would happen and how should I handle it haha. Especially when I heard about Bernama Radio I thought I must speak in Bahasa Melayu. Luckily after asked my blogger friend - Merryn who was featured not long ago, she told me the show will be in English. Phew!

Bernama Radio Interview The Lounge TianChad Blogger Malaysia-4365
TC with Shawn
At first I met Shawn at Wisma Bernama and he share about his blog about pets that he started not long ago. So if you have a very smart pet, maybe you should keep in touch with him haha.

Bernama Radio Interview The Lounge TianChad Blogger Malaysia-4363
JunSern and TC
It is such a small world as JunSern already heard about me before from his fiance. Nice to meet you and Shereen! Wanna thank you JunSern as he somehow calm me down and teach me some tricks how not to be nervous. Just imagine I am talking with the DJ only instead of thinking that you are talking to the people around the country.

What's the interview about?
Honestly, the only thing I know is Bernama Radio will ask the guest any question they like without any pre-briefing of what he is gonna ask. As for me my topic would be how I end up as a full-time blogger when I am a graduate from Biotechbology, who was doing beneficial microbes research in a bio-fertilizer company. If you want to know more just read this blogpost that share lot more info in it.

Then we talk about where I traveled to. At that time I only remember London, Singapore, Australia. But there is more which include Thailand.... and many more places lah hahaha. Check out my travel archives and you'll see more! Maybe you should check out my London Trip as below: 

London 2012 Olympic Games Trip:

Talking about who are the great people that I've met. Honestly I've met too many good and great people that appear in my life. Most are local personalities and celebrities but through blogging events I also manage to meet awesome people like Jamie Oliver in person too! But still, the most precious moment is went we met and interviewed Dato' Lee Chong Wei before he flew to London for Olympic Games.

Exclusive Interview with Dato' Lee Chong Wei | London 2012 Olympic Games
Paiseh for not remember about it during Bernama Radio interview as there were too many faces appear in my thought when Gerard asked me that question.

DJ Gerard also asked me whether there is any controversial blogpost I have written on my blog. Unfortunately no... I always write helpful blogpost like gadget reviews, travel tips, latest news/product launch, post event and many more. Sorry if you are expecting any controversial blog post from me ya. (Maybe I should write one ha?)

DJ Gerard did asked me a question that fail me badly, which is to recommend good food around the town. Well, I do take nice photos of food but I personally think that I am not a professional in reviewing food yet haha. I couldn't even recommend any except the recent food trip at Genting Highlands. Just check out my 'Food Review' category for my food post kay? The photo will first amaze you ;p

There's a reason why this is a photo blog instead of just paragraph of words. To be honest, I am not good in writing but I found another way to tell a story, which is through these images that slowly can tell you even more stories that I can write out.

If you wanna do well in photography, it doesn't matter whether you have a good camera/DSLR or not. You must always practice and through that only you can improve your skill and go for a better camera gear. I've seen people who bought an expensive DSLR but it end up stranded at the corner because they lose passion in it. (So if you got DSLR that you are not using, feel free to contact me and I can be their master hahaha)

Same goes to blogging, if you don't have that passion that makes you keep writing/sharing, it just impossible to make something big from it. Just settle down, think of what you want and write it on a paper, then you will need to reconstruct and arrange on how to achieve these target. It is action that makes a difference. Remember to use your strength in creating something that other people cant, be a unique person and stand out among the crowd!

Bernama Radio Interview The Lounge TianChad Blogger Malaysia-4359
Shawn, Gerard and JunSern @ Bernama Radio

Thanks Bernama Radio for having me and I wanna thanks you guys who listened to the live broadcast and had a good laugh with it. I just remember I was mumbling at certain part where I didn't answer Gerard's question correctly hahaha. Oh well, if you have any question about blogging/photography, feel free to buzz it to my email, Facebook or any social media channel that you are using. I will be glad to help you out.

Till then, do continue visit this site and maybe you should start stalking my blog on your mobile device with NuffnangX now! I am waiting for more new stuff coming up through my blogging journey! Cheers!

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