I've met Aunty Bersih - Malaysia Lady of Liberty @ KLCC

It was all about coincidence to meet Aunty Anne (or should I call her Aunty Bersih) at a place where many tourists will drop by everyday - the infamous KLCC. I was just hanging around the mall after finish an event held in Harrods. Found a place to sit then look around while waiting for time to pass before I went to another event. Suddenly I saw someone like Aunty Anne passed by the front row of shop. I wasn't sure if it was her until she appeared sitting at the bench beside me.

I am not sure if you've faced this dilemma before: When you meet someone familiar but not sure whether it is him while deciding if you should greet him or not. After so much hesitation,  I finally dare myself to greet and ask, "Harlo, are you Aunty Anne who appear in Bersih Rally?". The first thing I saw was her sweet smile and she replied, "Yes".

I was impressed by Aunty Bersih's bravery since I heard about her at the rally and she shared her personal life experience with me. It was great to meet her in person and we get to talk with each other without worrying about surrounding. After a chat with her, I realized that she is really open minded and can traveling alone without worrying much. She can go all the way from Penang to Johor all by herself.

The funny thing is when I volunteer to help her update the applications on her iPad. Most importantly is to help her update a Facebook game, Facebook Profile picture and share a little bit on how does the Facebook's social sharing works. (Share with Friends or to the Public)

Of course it is not easy to be her but as long as she is happy in doing what she like, the life is meaningful to her right?. I got tell her I am a fulltime blogger and she was trying to figure out what is it all about. She did ask if I am scared of being cuffed/jailed when I posted something that can 'activate' the act. Oh well, I do worry about it but it depends on how a person do their writing. Maybe I am playing safe for now =)

We spent quite a long time chatting while waiting for her iPad to finish updates. Too bad that the wireless  internet connection at that area is too slow for us to finish on time. Before we leave, I requested to have a photo with her and she had a special request. Which is to do some fun pose instead of just standing side by side + smile.

This is something she said, "I don't want a boring pose ya, let's have something like raise your hands and legs together". So this is the picture we have:

Tian Chad and Aunty Anne =)
Keep on fighting! Haha! She is the first person who asked me to do a different pose after so many years of photographing people. Don't you think Aunty Anne is a happy go lucky person? Again, glad to meet her in person and thanks her for sharing her life experience with me.

No we didn't choose to wear blue shirt together haha =)

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