Loud Festival 闹哄哄音乐节 2011 @ Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil

Loud Festival 闹哄哄音乐节
30 July 2011
8PM Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil

"July 30th will see another international musical event called the “Loud Festival” to be staged at the Putra Indoor Stadium Bukit Jalil at 8pm. With Asia’s King of Pop Jay Chou leading the light, will be backed with the best line up including the much-anticipated band Soda Green, Landy Wen and Cindy Yen, all attempting an incredible and ecstatic performance unleashing new works, new sound and new experiences for the audiences!

Malaysia being the first stop of , it is going to be a 2-hour show that unfolds great entertainment value. Besides the rendition of best-known songs by each artiste primarily Jay Chou and Soda Green, the show underlines some amazing remakes of crossover arrangement and duet performance by the artistes.

Jointly organized by Unusual Productions and Star Planet, this upcoming is anticipated to create yet another ‘Ticket Buying’ craze!

Being acclaimed as one of Asia’s best selling recording artistes Jay Chou continues his reign in the Mando-pop world and has a great influence over the young generation. The undisputed Taiwanese king of R&B recently celebrated his 10 years in show biz with magnificent sell-out shows themed “The Era” World Tour across the globe.

Soda Green, a Taiwanese independent folk-rock-pop band emerged in the Taiwanese indie music scene after receiving the Grand Jury Award in the Hohaiyan Gongliau Rock Festival in 2004. In 2006, the band received nominations for the Best Music Arrangement and Best Band awards in the prestigious 17th Golden Melody Awards. The band is especially prominent for its main vocalist-songwriter Qing-Feng, who stands out with his unique literary, performing style and wide vocal range.

Landy Wen is one of the few Taiwanese aborigines to become a musical star well-loved for her rich vocal, energetic dance actions and exhilarating showmanship. Whereas, Cindy Yen, a multi-talented Taiwanese singer is beyond dispute a newcomer with firm music talent & her arrival in the music industry has already created a huge stir! Her debut album is mainly built upon R&B, spiced with popular elements such as rock, metal and electronics.

The ticket launch for has been scheduled on 14 May. Tickets are priced at RM488 (VIPA), RM388 (VIPB), RM328 (PS1), RM228 (PS2) and RM148 (PS3). For tickets, call Star Planet 03-92233667, TicketCharge 03-92228811 or visit www.starplanet.com.my /
www.unusual.com.sg / www.ticketcharge.com.my"

Loud Festival Ticket Price 闹哄哄音乐节 票价

"由Unusual Productions 及Star Planet 星艺娱乐联合主办,《Loud Festival闹哄哄音乐节》将于7月30日,晚上8点,Bukit Jalil Putra室内体育馆大卡士登场!

《Loud Festival 闹哄哄音乐节》将会是本年度最有看头的一场演出,由亚洲天王周杰伦领军, 连同人气乐团苏打绿,性感舞后温岚及创作才女袁咏琳首度同台飚歌,新鮮即富号召力的艺人組合配搭,可谓是乐坛难得一遇的拉阔盛事。音乐节的策划及整体的曲目编排上都是费尽心思,这场120分钟的大型演出,除了周董及苏打绿有精彩的个人压轴演唱部分以外,温岚及袁咏琳也将演绎个人单曲,除此以外,几位艺人也有可能出现crossover,务必提供给观众更多元化,更多的音乐享受。




09年袁咏琳发行个人第一张《袁咏琳Cindy Yen》专辑,守波主打歌是由周董与小师妹Cindy袁咏琳合唱一曲“画沙”。并在各大K歌排行榜聚首榜首。此外,袁咏琳更在大师兄周杰伦世界巡演中担任表演嘉宾。

《Loud Festival 闹哄哄音乐节》门票将于5月14日全国公开发售,您可透过Star Planet 办公室或 TicketCharge 指定授权销售柜台购票,除此,您也可通过网站选购门票。任何有关演唱会详情,可拨电至星艺娱乐办公室0392233667或TicketCharge 03-92228811 或浏览
www.starplanet.com.my/ www.unusual.com.sg / www.ticketcharge.com.my"

"Loud Festival tickets selling are launching on 14 May 2011. Are you ready to get some tickets?"

Received this notification on SMS and Facebook. Seems like they are doing BIG promo this time. Good to see Jay Chou bring along Soda Green and two female artist along for the concert. I believe it will be another blasting concert after “The Era” World Tour.

However it seems like this concert is clashing with F.I.R.『創世紀』‘Genesis’ It’s My Live World Tour Concert In Malaysia 大马演唱会 2011. Will it affect your choice? =)

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