DiGi iPhone4 Review Focus on 5MP Camera

Still remember when I received this iPhone4 from DiGi, I was happy to be one of the selected blogger to review it. However, it wasn't that easy for me during the time reviewing it , there is pro and con of having a iPhone4 Demo Unit to review.

Good thing for iPhone4 Demo Set, you get to enjoy a lot of games like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja and Avatar 3D that impressed me the most. The phone wasn't lag at all when playing this 3D game! Bad thing is I can't have all the social media apps as demo set iPhone prohibited me to download install any apps from Apple Mac Apps Store, and photo+video taken through the phone will not be able to retrieved to PC.

Therefore, I meet DiGi personnel to get the iPhone4 have a soft reset so that I can customize it and suit my social media use. Immediately I installed TweetDeck, FourSquare, and some other aps including Instagram.

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, I wasn't able to review the phone properly especially when the iPhone4 was not equipped with any Data Plan. It is hard to find stable WiFi connection + my house doesn't have wifi during the review period. Therefore in the end I review more on the camera, while trying to get my simcard (which equipped with DiGi Data Plan) cut to fit inside the iPhone.

I tried out the phone to watch Youtube and listen to Hitz.fm. The Youtube Video can load quite fast and provide better viewing experience if compared with BlackBerry. But the phone it self is very hot after streaming a few videos using 3G speed. Same goes to when you listen to radio using 3G speed. Maybe that's why people tends to use EDGE Speed to safe power and protect the phone. My Blackberry battery life stay longer too when use EDGE Speed.

It is not easy for me to find a Sim cutter, so I cut it myself tsk tsk. You can actually get Free sim card cutting service at certain DiGi Service Centre. Or pay RM10 by asking other to cut for you.

PS: Old Photo Pro is one of the iPhone Photo Editing aps

iPhone4 HDR Effect

I really like iPhone4's camera as you can capture any image easy by just touching the screen including select your favor focus point. iPhone4 have built-in HDR effect that make the picture look equivalent bright. It will allow you to see more details in a photo for sure =)

I used touch point focus on this little snake. Actually I can refocus again on its head for a clearer picture but that's her ready-to-attack-pose that stopped me.

Okay, this picture was successfully taken while one day I was driving on the highway and saw the beautiful double rainbows. How can I resist not to take it?

No, I am not taking the photo while I was driving ;p

Noticed the color saturation is quite high at certain scene. Above is SimonSeow while he was taking food photo.

iPhone4's easy snap option makes me capture some interesting shot too
Have you seen Audrey carrying a bag labelled with "Audrey" too?
The girl above is a pink lover too, but not as cute as the Audrey I know la ;p

The current and most popular iPhone Photo Apps would be Instagram. It is really a very nice and easy to use tool to make your photo looks prettier and more artistic too =) A higher level for you to TweetPict.

Now let's talk about other apps, iPhone4 unlike BlackBerry, can install a lot applications and his favourite apps would be Talking Tom. Yeap, I let him play with it and he like to emit his anger+dissatisfaction to Tom. I find it quite funny when see him keep knocking on the cat and ask why Tom keep repeating what he said.

So in the end he is a happier person who allow me to take his sailor-look photo and enhanced using Instagram =)

In conclusion, iPhone4 has a very nice built-in camera and if combined with some photo editing apps it can make your photo looks better too. Didn't manage to test the FaceTime and call service but I am sure you can google the video of people doing face time call. Let see in future will people use iPad2 to do Facetime call?

Here's a video featuring the Talking Tom. Let's hear what he got to say?

Talking Tom iPhone4 Featured | TianChad.com

Thanks to DiGi and Nuffnang for the 2 weeks++ iPhone4 review opportunity. If I spend more time with the iPhone, I am sure I will buy one for myself just because of its camera and applications. The graphics is always smooth and the simplicity of the phone will just make you love it =)

I just hope that they can let us do better next time. This will not only ease themselves but also enable bloggers to review the phone properly too.

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