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[Movie] HomeComing 笑着回家 Review 2011

HomeComing 笑着回家

Watched HomeComing today at e@curve, thanks to UIP Malaysia for the passes. Always like Jack Neo's movie because it is not only funny but always have a moral behind. This time the moral is focusing of Chinese New Year's tradition especially reunion dinner. The tradition where you shouldn't wear black during CNY and must wait for everyone to reach before reunion dinner.

Spend more time with family members although work is important. Noticed it is a big challenge when the wife of the son need to deal with his mom, especially when they have different tradition.

"JLB", "Fantabulous", "Ni hen huai de lo", and much more Malaysia's slang included. Makes it more friendly to the local viewers. Oh ya, I guess the 4D for "4273" will increase this month ;p

Overall rating: 7/10 for the funny + moral elements

HomeComing 笑着回家

After the movie, went to have lunch @ Popeye e@curve. The fried chicken quite nice if compared with KFC =)

"Dulu I pun macam tu", the aunty said
Tapi tangan tak macam tu...

When to the place where the bear will feel safe. Took a nap and it feel great =)

Fill my stomach with Bliss 33 Cafe's Nasi Lemak Ayam Kunyit. That's how I spent my day today~! Not so heavy content today ya ;p

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