I Won A Netbook! Thanks Toshiba PC Malaysia!

Not sure if you guys remember Toshiba PC Malaysia X'Mas Dream Come True Giveaway that I shared and participated in. Guest what, I won a Netbook for the first time~! Thanks to Toshiba PC Malaysia for accepting my creativity =)

Visit here to check my winning entry.

First of all, thanks to all my friends who like the photo as support and congratz me on FB + Twitter =)

Just now I checked on Toshiba FB Page and saw the feedback by some fans, which is quite unhappy with the result. But anyway, congratz to other winners [Bei Bao, Sue-Ann Chia, CiaWei Ong & Calvin Klein] as I think their slogan entries are creative too. Created a song for Toshiba and write in different language. Definitely creative people =)

Before I join this contest, I did read through their T&C stated again and again before I submit my entry and to make sure it is creative + daring enough to catch the judges' attention.

So I took risk for this contest because they never mention "No you can't upload photo" for this contest. [Means my entry could be disqualified in anytime] All I did was think out of a box , risk once to create something more instead of just 50 words to win.

A person need to be unique to be outstanding. So I choose to be innovative! I included a photo and never exceed 50 words, the caption on the picture is part of the picture, and just so fortunately judges accept my idea! (Do you think there will be only ONE judge in a big company's contest?)

I never break the rules stated in T&C. It just I tried something risky and it was accepted. To people who post up sad/angry feedback about the result, I do appreciate you to surf everywhere to find a reason why people shouldn't deserve it. The judges are looking for creative entry, not some entry like "I want it because I want it, I want it, I want it". Seriously, if you are one of the judges, will you consider it creative enough?

Not forgot to mention that there are some people who are passion enough to use their multiple FB account to comment. I know they are created for contest purpose, especially the infamous "Most Like" contest. Instead of just having one friend on their profile, now they become more advance by having at least 50 friends (which could be fake too).

As for why video is not allowed in this contest? Common sense, it is too deviated from the contest and the risk of being disqualified is very high. But still, he or she can just submit the entry and bet on it. Nothing you can lose what =) Who knows the judges will like it ?

Here's a message for the unsatisfied people, creativity is subjective and I am sure the judges has a deep thought before decide who is the winner. I guess they have expected this would happen too.

Again, creativity rules and I hope this continue to eliminate decrease the trend of people cheating on FB. Thanks again to Toshiba PC Malaysia and friends+ FB peeps who show your support!

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PS: Let see if I will receive bad comments from Anonymous~


  1. wow ! hebat !!!
    others' jealousy, don bother them. as u mentioned, creativity is subjective ! haha

  2. Much efforts with little luck I would say =)
    Thanks ya!


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