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DiGi Angels Internet Gathering Sneak Peek + Group Photo

So the long wait iPhone4 landed on whose hand? Let's introduce all 5 finalists!

I would say all 5 bloggers are winners but this time just have 1 iPhone4 to giveaway. Congratz to Finalist 5 Ho Wei Jie for winning his dream new phone! He start playing with it after receive the phone lol.

As for other 4 bloggers finalist. Please do not give up on continue participate ongoing and upcoming Nuffnang's Contest because that's how I win some of the prizes from there! I still remember I have joined various contests but not every time win one. My motto is, Keep Trying!

Look at the brightside, your blog posts are more outstanding than 2000 other blog posts! Be proud of yourself get into the Top 5.

Will definitely need to get a wide lens + external flash to fit more people next time.

And out of my surprise, there are five different smartphones to be reviewed by bloggers who attend this gathering today. I didn't expect I will able to get a hand on iPhone4 for 2 weeks review. Means I might have emo period after 2 weeks time... =S

Gah whatever, enjoy present moment and live like we're dying - Kris Allen =)

Remember, if you are interested to review any of the 5 smartphones [Blackberry Torch, iPhone4, Blackberry Curve 9300, HTC Aria, Garmin A10], please email your interest to digiinternetgathering@nuffnang.com

PS: Only applicable for DiGi angels who attend the events today!

Thanks DiGi and Nuffnang for the phone review opportunity. Will be away from PC for Frasel Hill Trip and hope I can get some stress release moment with friends! Yeah bloggers can have stress also, too bad ;p

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)