[Photos] Paramore Live In Kuala Lumpur | Stadium Bukit Jalil

[Jeremy+Josh+Hayley+Zac+Taylor @ Paramore Live In KL]

After Adam Lambert's Glam Nation Tour @ Putra Indoor Stadium Bukit Jalil, Paramore Live In Kuala Lumpur @ Stadium Bukit Jalil is my concert~! Can't bring in my DSLR this time but again, my Panasonic Lumix FX-100 never fail me~! ^@^~

Before you watch live version of "The Only Exception" video, please let the photo stories begin!

VJ Utt and Holly Grabarek ( Singapore) who was crowned the new VJ for MTV Asia
Question is, are they together?

Before the concert begin, you are advice to get a toilet break like everyone else to prevent missing any part of the concert~! Thanks to the 2 ladies who somehow become the models ;p

The starting act was Y2K, local rock band I guess? Hope they can rock better and show the face cos that's how people will remember you guys ar. Unless they wanna stay anonymous.

Spotted Zaid and his (future) bini

While the spot light is still on I camwhore - RedButtockz @ Wern

It is not just we 4 there, there are lots more friends here~! Picture credits to Teh Tarik Memoir

Didn't know Paramore got so young's kiddo supporter!
*Scissors, Paper, Stone*

The crowd is huge~!!!

Okay here are the photos survived with 1:10 ratio. Hope you guys like it!

Hayley the Angel - Saw the invincible wings?

HUGE Paramore Fans in KL~!

Sit down and relax~

The crowd start standing up to rock with Paramore

Seems like lots of people, including guys like him the most compared to other guys

Hayley definitely should come to Malaysia a lot earlier. You know you have huge huge huge fan base right?

Encore + rocking

Decided to leave a bit earlier after took this photo
*My Lumix know when to blur to cover the exhausted look of us*

Because we left earlier we saw Paramore left with the white vans. Hope you guys come again to Malaysia kay? =D

Thanks again to Nuffnang and TuneTalk for the RockZone tickets~!
Hmm...What's my next concert? Could it be Wonder Girls 1st Live in Malaysia?

Here's the video I've promised you.

Hayley sang "You are the only exception" but I guess you can hear the crowd sang louder too! That's what concert for, sing a long with your favourite artist =D
*Wait for the fireworks!*

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For official photos of Paramore Live in KL from TuneTalk, visit TuneTalk Facebook Page!


  1. i totally love "the only exception" time coz the lights was awesome! n everybody sang along was superb. paramore's got a bunch of real cool fans here

  2. [Bella Enveeus]
    Definitely =D I am standing surrounded by big fans of paramore~!

  3. yeahh! totally blasting and I hope they can be there again :)

  4. [wannurfazrini]
    Let's hope Paramore can come back next year~! Which is very soon! =D

  5. yeahh! totally blasting and I hope they can be there again :)


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