MSS Day 5: Amber Chia @ Tropicana Medical Centre & FRAMES!

Early in the morning, woke up by the morning call. Knowing its time to "makan" again~! Along the whole MySelangorStory trip we never stop eating haha! We had our breakfast at Atrium Cafe & Lounge @ Sunway Pyramid Hotel (Pyramid Tower Hotel).

Started my first plate with some breads. Like the one with chocolate fill.

Then I had this plate consist of scramble egg, sausage, ham, tomato beans, fried potato cubes+++ Didn't eat so much because I know later we will eat again~!

We took the bus ride and reached Tropicana Medical Centre which located in Kota Damansara.

I like this fountain outside TMC. The statue looks simple but nice =)

Is red the universal colour of their uniform ?

Tropicana Medical Centre is equipped with advanced medical technology and skilled medical personnel, complemented by a refreshing and aesthetically pleasing ambience, geared towards providing the best healthcare experience for our patients.

Here are their centre of excellence:
  • Fertility Centre
  • Women & Children Centre
  • Heart & Vascular Centre
  • Diabetes & Kidney Centre
  • Imaging & Image Guided Surgery Centre
  • Aesthetic & Cosmetic Centre

First we visited the Imaging & Image Guided Surgery Centre. This is the MRI machine that I always see it is the TV Series - "House". The tutor showed us that the machine is really magnetic as the car keys will be attracted to it. Therefore patient shouldn't bring or wear any metalic item when doing a MRI Scan.

According to them, patient with pacemaker won't be able to do the scan because it will cause the pacemaker malfunction.

I volunteered myself to try the bed and was slowly transferred into the MRI machine with blue lights surrounding me.

This reminded me of the Japanese Prank that involve the MRI Machine haha!

You will either laugh or feel pain for them =)

Feel lucky that I wasn't in that prank show and victory-posed with it haha! Guess I am the first one so happy posing with the MRI? *Thanks Nicole for the photo*

Then we proceed to the Mammogram with CAD Breast Scanning Room. This is the machine named MAMMOMAT Inspiration. I like the design of the equipment with the interchangeable lights. Got rainbow series of colour.

This is the moment other bloggers asking question about breast cancer and how frequent should a person do the routine scanning. You can read my blog post that is about Breast Cancer Awareness.

I still remember I learned how to differentiate "breast with no lumps", "breast with fibrocystic tissue" (harder than the normal one) and "breast with lumps" (you can feel there is a hard stuff inside the breast). Guys, as a husband of your spouse, you must learn it okay? Cos I guess we the guys are touching them more frequent than themselves. [In certain way la lol]

gif animator
This is Norman @ KK demonstrate how they do a breast scan. Does it hurt? No worries, the skillful professional and the smart mammogram machine will know when to stop.

We then proceed to the Rehabilitation Centre @ Tropicana Medical Centre. A place for patient to do physiotherapy and to gently train your body too. There are lots of equipments that involve balancing. Got shower and changing room too.

TMC Fertility Centre, the place where I am most interested in. Dr. Surinder Singh, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Fertility Specialist has been working there since 2003 and has successfully help lots of parents to have baby/babies.

Semen Collection Room - The room that I was eager to see because of curiosity
Is Dylan going to store his sperm here? ;p

The room looks kinda simple for me. Tropicana Medical Centre do provide this semen collection room with appropriate facilities such as DVD/VCD Player for "extra excitement", tissues to clean up your self. Hmm, huge mirror for what purpose ar? Self satisfaction? I am not sure about it.

It is quite interesting to find Amber Chia's portrait on the wall. Maybe they can update the wall with latest Top 100 FHM Models? =)

Between congratz Amber Chia for having a baby boy recently.

This is the Liquid Nitrogen Storage Tanks that is used to store the embryo, sperms and eggs.

And this is TMC Embryo Surgery Room. The room is not strongly illuminated because they want to provide a suitable environment for the embryo to be fertilized.

With Tropicana Medical Centre's advanced medical technology and skilled medical personnel, there will be less woman who can't have a children.

The Pearl and Diamond Ward @ TMC is for mothers who is going to give birth. Too bad we can't see the room that is full of cute babies.

The trip to Tropicana Medical Centre was kinda rush so I had a kiss good bye with the "meh-meh" at kids section before we leave Tropicana Medical Centre. *it is all Nicole's idea*

I personally feels that Tropicana Medical Centre is a good place for parents who want to have babies with their high success rate of fertility. The doctor there has proven that TMC is capable of helping you with their numerous successful case. Higher luck to have twin babies too =)

For more information, you can contact Tropicana Medical Centre at :

11, Jalan Teknologi,
Taman Sains Selangor 1,
PJU 5, Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Tel: +603 6287 1111
Fax: +603 6287 1212

We were back @ Sunway Pyramid and have lunch at FRAMES Cafe

FRAMES is unique with its theme where lots of photos that are framed and hang/put on the wall. Accoding to FRAMES's Facebook Fanpage, you can join their FRAMES Food Challenge in collaboration with RED FM on 23rd Oct'10 to win 1 Year Free Food at FRAMES & Cash Prizes.

Here are the main dishes that we can choose @ FRAMES. Stuffed Chicken Roulade,, Kalio Bilado, Pasta Pomodoro, and Pan Seared Dory. The portion are quite big especially Kalio Bilado with its huge chicken and pyramid style white rice.

My Pasta Pomodoro tasted ok ok only but will definitely come back on Tuesday to try their new menu. Every Tuesday will be Photographers' Day @ FRAMES. We just need to bring along our fancy cameras then can get a 20% off total bill! Anytime of the day!

Didn't eat so full during lunch as we are going extreme @ Sunway Lagoon later! Thanks Sunway City Berhad for the All Parks Ticket =)

So what did I do to land on a boat? =D

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  1. ask tianchad gor gor teach, he pro LOL..
    hmmm, cant wait to see what you all did in Sunway Lagoon :D

  2. [marccus]
    Haha! Go to the Cancer Awareness Centre to learn~

    Haha better consult the pro one. Sunway Lagoon coming up soon~!

  3. hai tian chad..nice meeting you today..hope to see you next time

  4. my thumbs up for this post! I'm sure you have the knowledge of how the devices work, and you are the one in a position to communicate it to the people.

  5. Nice post wei !!
    The touching breast part is funny xD

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  7. [kak ina kl]
    Nice to met you too Kak Ina =)
    Will surely see you next time!

    Thanks! Have a bit knowledge about it since graduate from Biotech ar =)
    Thanks for reading!

    Haha! Humour is good ar~

    [Shannon Chow]
    Thanks Shannon =) Dylan always look cute one lol. Appreciate for your vote too!

  8. dylan so cute! lolx Nice post =D will vote for you!

  9. Nice post wei !!
    The touching breast part is funny xD


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