MSS Day 3: Chin Swee Temple, Kanching Forest Waterfall, Firelies @ Kuala Selangor~!

Early in the morning, woke up from a good night sleep @ First World Hotel. Dreamed of yesterday night Dazzle Show @ Pavilion. We got the chance to have breakfast at the World Club Lounge @ 28th Floor of First World Hotel. Definitely nice view from the top of the building~!

Amazing panorama picture taken using Pentax Optio P80

There are plentiful of food for us to eat during breakfast.

Damn luxurious right? This is just small part of it =D

I've seen what KK's Pentax X70 DSLR can do with its 24x zoom. Drop by KK's blog for awesome pictures from his Pentax camera kay?

The warmest welcome from Resort World Genting never end~! They even come to send us when we are leaving Genting Highlands. Even Charles Gluck of Jerome Murat was also there to send us. Thanks a lot for everything and I do appreciate what we went through yesterday and today~!


Chin Swee Temple
On the way going down hills from Genting, we drop by at Chin Swee Temple. It is fully funded by Genting Berhad. According to Dato Anthony Ho, the temple was built because the Genting Berhad founder, Lim Goh Tong had a dream when overnight at the cave around there. The "person" in his dream told him that Genting Highland will do well with his blessing as long he build a temple there.

People can access the temple by shuttle buses from Genting Highlands Resort or by taking the Awana Skyway cable car to the Temple Station down the hill.

The pagoda @ Chin Swee Temple

Noticed the Buddha went for natural hair care treatment and got plants growing on his head ;p

It was kinda misty when we arrive, so a picture of me with the main entrance of Chin Swee Temple would do~?

I guess too much camwhore picture will ends up being kicked-off by Nicole and Denise Phang....

So Where Did I flew To?

A place with HUGE monkey families

PHP MHM - Monkey Help Monkey

There is this monkey that practice open leg wide wide for "its" good health LOL

According to Fazli, the monkeys are cagy and aggressive so be sure to watch your gear. Or you'll be waiting for them to drop your bag from the trees.

Kanching Forest Waterfall is really a nice place to drop by especially for their cool and clean waterfalls. Besides, it is a very nice place for photographer who likes to take natural scenery. But please remember to always be careful with the bunch of monkeys =)

KanChing Forest Waterfall has total 7 levels and I went to Level 3/4 to take more photos of this beautiful place~! One day I am gonna go back there to climb to Level 7~!

There are visitors from many different country who come here and enjoy the cooling waterfall. Do note that it is very crowded during weekends =)

An Arab woman that looks so mysterious yet sitting on the big rock enjoy the wind blowing from the waterfalls~

To be honest, the population of monkey @ Kanching Waterfall is really huge. I guess that is why sometimes they becomes a bit aggressive to visitors who is alone and holding food. You still can feed them with food, but just be careful kay?

Another picture of me before I leave this beautiful place of Selangor =)


Dorani Homestay

Dorani Homestay has a blog @

Kampung Sungai Haji Dorani (Sungai Haji Dorani Village) located in Sabak Bernam, Selangor, is a dream village surrounded by endless squares of paddy fields and rows of century old canals.

This quaint little settlement of 2,000 inhabitants is perfect for visitors seeking respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. It offers a unique insight into a rice farming community's way of life, culture and traditions.

Was welcomed by the villagers with kompang's music and this is my second time visit a Homestay. First time was the Kem Modal Insan Agro-Tourism Homestay @ Melaka =)

It is different this time as we the homestay guests can learn how to do the Kuda Kepang dance (a traditional Javanese dance performed in rich costumes using woven "horses") . They performed first then it is our turn to dance too.

The female Kuda Kepang Dancers: Dian Azura, Denise Phang, Jing Yi, Chia Li, Wen Yi & Nicole Chua

And one of the handsome male Kuda Kepang Dancer ;p

This is the Tiger inside the Barongan Dance.

Like Kuda kepang dance, Barongan has strong elements of trance and totemic worship. The Barongan is said to depict the dance of a hybrid (or mystical multifaceted) creature of diverse origins.

I don't know what animal are they, but they act very naughty during the Barongan Dance. One of them was bitten by the tiger too.

After the dance and everything, we were introduced to our foster parents and I have Thristhan as my roommates again =)

Guess what transport I am on now? Fuh! Camwhore on the motorcycle wei, kinda hard to get a good shoot. Even my hat flew away because of the strong wind lol.

Here's a video of me introduce my foster parent house and the surrouding while waiting for Thristhan to arrive with motorcycle. Beautiful Paddy Fields~! Must watch~!

We were fetched one by one to our foster parent house and Thristhan asked me, " Tyre got puncture or not?" before he stroked a victory pose. XD

I was mesmerized by the greenish paddy field just beside my foster parent house. Will show you how beautiful the surrounding at next blog post~

Hj. Mohammad Basar is my foster father name. But he told us we can call him "Baby" also because of his cute little two teeth. Sounds funny and cute at the same time. I know I won't forget his name forever =)

Baby was sharing with us about his stories about many visitors who came and stayed at his house. Got guests from Japan, Australia too. I am sure guests from Japan will have a culture shock when they visit the toilet. The toilet at kampung is really "kampong style" with basic facilities, not as high tech as Japan's one. No one will wash/wipe your butt for you. XD

I can't fully understand what our foster parent said because he speak fluent Bahasa Melayu but with less teeth in his mouth ;p Maybe that's why he has another name called "Baby".

Dinner was provided and I could say they looks simple but delicious yo~

After a few hours rest and took a quick bath, I am ready for the long waited night programme - See Fireflies @ Kuala Selangor~! Does wearing the jersey makes me looks like the captain pilot of Firefly? haha

I am sure visitors are willing to drop by Kuala Selangor and cruise along the river in total darkness just to witness the fireflies. I can tell you it is an enchanting and unforgettable experience. It was almost a full moon that night.

We took a one hour bus ride to reach the Kuala Selangor Firefly Park. I was worried because from far can see lightning striking the sky because if it rain we won't be able to see the fireflies. Fortunately it doesn't rain that night =)

Opps, Thristhan need a bigger safety jacket haha!

We took a non-motorized canoe ride to cruise on the river. Maximum can get four person on the same canoe and each person was charged RM10. It is advisable to go when it is not full moon and not during raining evening. Make sure that you do not go too late as the park is opened from 7:30pm and closes at 10:30pm.

It is advisable to wear long pants and long sleeves to prevent being swarm attack by the mosquito too. Try not to apply insect repellent as fireflies are insects too. You can get rid of mosquito but it will indirectly chase away the firefiles too.

In real time, you can see the fireflies blinking with white lights but actually they are green colours lights =) The picture above was taken using long exposure of at least 4 seconds to capture their drawing in the sky ;p

Since flash photography is not allowed to use during the cruising, I try more light drawing attempts to capture their lights. Drawing circles with them.

Or even draw stars from their green lights~! I personally like this picture very very much hoho =D

Would like to thanks the guy who give us a ride on this canoe. Because he kinda gave us lots of time try to capture the best picture of the fireflies =D

I even get the chance to somehow touched a firefly cos it "landing" on my hand XD

According to him he has been working for Kuala Selangor Firefly Park since he was young. And now he is already 50 ++ years old~!

Had a presentation about fireflies at the seminar room and briefed by Encik Zulkifly Bin Samad after witness the magic done by fireflies. Even his name got the word "fly" in it, destined to have a job related to fireflies?

Did you know that a male firefly blinks 3 times/second while the female firefly only blinks 1 time/ second? They stop blinking when they found their suitable mate. Most of the light drawing that I managed to capture are from male fireflies (because they blink more than female fireflies) =)

Kuala Selangor Firefly Park is definitely a place where you can see magic going around in that place. They are like blinking stars just besides you instead of up in the sky. If you like nature, remember to visit this place~!


Satay Hut @ Tanjong Karang
After the magical trip at Kuala Selangor, out of surprise we were brought to the Satay Hut @ Tanjong Karang to have supper.

It taste quite well and even at late night there are still lots of people dropping by there.


More Stories from "Baby"

Victory pose with my foster father - Baby is his nickname ;p

We reached foster parent house around 1AM, thanks to the ride given by foster parent's son. This time we use a car instead. The mother took out a few photo albums and share with us about the guest who has live at their house before. They even keep some foods because scare we are hungry again~!

Here is a letter wrote in Malay but it is from a Japanese kid. My foster parent said they use the electronic dictionary to write this letter. Saute salute, Japan is always a high tech country =)

After experienced the mosquito swarm attack @ kampung before, I bought the traditional mosquito incense repellent and get prepared for our room.

However out of surprise, there isn't any mosquito in our bedroom~! I am sure foster parent did some hard work make sure the room is free of mosquito =D I feel gratitude for this~!

Hence, I had a good night sleep to continue my MSS Day 4 Journey~!


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  1. w00tz for the girls doing the kuda kepang dance, boo for TianChad =p wahahahaha
    me likey firefly star picture :D reminds me of my visit there years back~

  2. Hahaha, you've got good photos bro. Firefly ones are good too. And nice photo of me on the motorcycle, what an experience :D.

  3. [RedButtockz]
    Aigoo wait till I upload the video I do the Kuda Kepang dance ;p
    Glad you like the firefly picture =) One out of 10 pictures that success~!

    Thanks Thristhan =D Glad to able capture your great moment too haha

  4. hmm, i feel like going back to the homestay. not enough time to bond with my foster family.

  5. that mosquito repellent you share v me & Alison oso not use at that night ! and Alison said want bring back n use in her house courtyard for her dog !!!wakakaka!!!

  6. [Dylan Phuah]
    Yeah too bad we just got one day to bond with them. Kinda rush ar =S

    Haha great right? ;D Now kampung is different already~

  7. that mosquito repellent you share v me & Alison oso not use at that night ! and Alison said want bring back n use in her house courtyard for her dog !!!wakakaka!!!

  8. Hahaha, you've got good photos bro. Firefly ones are good too. And nice photo of me on the motorcycle, what an experience :D.

  9. hmm, i feel like going back to the homestay. not enough time to bond with my foster family.


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