MSS Day 2: Resort World Genting+Theme Park & Awesome Dazzle Show!

After graduated from Royal Selangor School of Hard Knocks, we took the bus ride climbing up to Genting Highlands. It was fun travel with bloggers as we all have one thing in common, all of us own a blog and are Top 30 Bloggers of My Selangor Story!

We were heading to the Coffee Terrace @ Genting Hotel to have lunch together with VIP YB Elizabeth Wong, Dato' Anthony Yeo and some senior executives of Genting Highlands. We can only get this kind of experience @ My Selangor Story. All thanks to the organizer and sponsors~!

Tabby the tiger, a Human Being and Allie the pinky elephant. Allie's nose is dirty because people who saw her will surely touch her long nose for good luck~! Poor Allie...~

While waiting outside Maxims Hotel Genting for arrival of YB Elizabeth Wong, we already had a warm welcome by senior executives from Resort World Genting along with Tabby and Allie mascot. Thanks for the warm welcome!

YB Elizabeth Wong arrive in time and this is the first time I met her in person =)

Welcome speech by Dato Anthony Yeo, SVP of PR Communications Genting Malaysia Berhad. Sharing with us the history about Genting Highlands and tell us must visit Chin Swee Temple for the best scenery view. [Which we did visit the next day ]

Address by Y.B. Elizabeth Wong, EXCO for Tourism, Consumer Affairs and environment.

She was sharing about the purpose of My Selangor Story and the ability of bloggers to create various online reading materials and to share with people about beautiful+nice places to visit in Selangor.

Each of us received a huge Goodies bag which is loaded with Genting's 40th Anniversary [1965-2005] book - The Splendour of Genting which recorded the history of development of Genting Highlands.

Besides that,we were each given a Holiday Card with RM100 cash credit for us to spend in Genting, 10,000 World Card Points (which means another RM100) and Genting Themepark All Park One Day Unlimited Ride Voucher. Appreciate much as Genting are so generous with us!

Not to forget about the fine and delicious foods prepared @ Coffee Terrace, Genting Hotel. Does the picture above makes you drool?

Usually all VIPs will sharing the same table but this time it is very different. We are sitting at the same table with the VIPs! One of the moments that make us bloggers feel honored! Both YB and Dato are friendly and thanks them for having lunch with us despite of their busy schedule.

After the luxorious meal @ Coffee Terrace, we then proceed to The Visitor's Galleria that is FREE of Admission for all visitors. It will open at 10am everyday till 8PM on weekday and till 10PM on weekends/Public Holiday.

These are some of the natural inhabitants at Genting Highlands. Aren't they beautiful?

We had a familiarization tour and briefing here in The Visitor Galeria's seminar room

Genting Highlands is 10,618 acres wide and only 4% of their total land banks (443 acres) were developed. This is because Genting Highlands is environmentally conscious and the they are doing this to preserve the nature~

I was actually suppose to attend the briefing of GSC 100 PLUS Treasure Hunt on the next day at One Utama. It is compulsory for the driver to attend the briefing. However, with the permission of respective personnel @ GSC, I am allowed to send representative to attend the briefing. Fuh, thanks GSC for the special permission for creating this win-win situation~!

I seriously thought that I will need to force myself to go down hill for the briefing instead of having fun at Genting before I receive the email from Tricia in GSC. Fuh! Maybe I was blessed with good karma? I don't know how to express my gratitude. =D

Happy Fun Time @ Genting Theme Park

Panorama picture of the room taken using Pentax Optio P80

Amazing panorama picture taken using Pentax Optio P80

After getting the luggage into our own room, which everyone of us have a Super Deluxe room with the best scenery view. [Another generous act from Resort World Genting =D] We are then free to go here and there in Genting. Since we are given the free Genting Themepark All Park One Day Unlimited Ride Voucher, we decided to spend our time having fun at both Outdoor and Indoor Theme Park.

Here is a video to show you how First World's Superior Deluxe Room looks like~! Must watch kay? =)

However, because the sky was drizzling outside, we decided to have our welcome drink first @ The Patio Bar & Lounge and hoping the weather to turn sunny again.

This is the theme park gang I'm with: Thristan, Dylan, Nicole, Denise and Jing Yi

Thankfully the weather turns good and we head to the Wristband Tagging counter to have our unlimited ride pass~!

I personally like the colourful layout of First World hotel

With 6118 rooms on offer, the First World Hotel is the largest hotel in the world by room counts. First World Hotel is adjoined to the First World Plaza, which boasts 500,000 sq feet of indoor theme park, shopping centre and food galore.

This is just one out of lots of roller coaster ride video recorded using my DSLR. Despite me "shorten" the life span of my camera, I hope you guys enjoy the video! We can become the Chipmunks!

It is more fun when more bloggers gather and have fun together =D
Here are all the ladies~!
Denise Phang, Nicole, Wen Yi, Jacquelyn Ho, Dian Azura, Jing Yi and Chia Li

We had dinner at 好味 @ HouMei Restaurant using the Genting Holiday Card and this is my Wantan Mee with BIG Wantans.

Dazzle Show at The Pavillion, First World Plaza

There was a surprise for all 30 bloggers including the organizer too. We were given VIP seats to watch Dazzle Show at The Pavillion, First World Plaza before it ends its run on 28th September 2010.

The things that make all bloggers happy is that we are allowed to take photos during some of the performances and we are sitting at the top front row in Pavilion~! That is awesome as usually people are not allowed to do that during the show~!

Here are the 14 vibrant Ukrainian and Belarus dancers that performed beautiful dances with many different costume.

They can seduce

They can become sexy Rihanna too.

After the opening dance, it was followed by the performance of The Statue of Jerome Murat. Jerome Murat have a student, Charles Gluck who perform this amazing act to amaze the audiences at Resorts World Genting. We are not allowed to take photo/video for this performance but with the help of Youtube. You can see his amazing act and get mesmerized!

The Statue of Jerome Murat recorded earlier in year 2006

Managed to capture Sonny Fontana's picture after he finished perform his art of hand shadows.

He brought Frank Sinatra, lvis Presley, Dolly Parton and Louis Armstorng to life~! Not forgetting about Michael Jackson too~

Along the Dazzle show, I found out that they are all talented with not just one skill. Besides being able to dance, they can play violin or even do magic show too! Totally multi-talented people in this Dazzle show~!

The award-winning magician, Ernesto Planas, really vowed us with his fascinating parasol act. I wonder how he transform small umbrellas into large umbrellas. Besides, he has a confident smile every time he fish a magic.

gif animator
Ernesto Planas even ask Spectre go up on stage to learn some magic. But the truth is we the audience are learning the magic. Let's witness how Ernesto make tissue and Spectre's shoes disappeared~! Haha! Spectre even check out if he is hiding the tissue somewhere in his coat/pockts ;p

Honestly, I did had a great laugh with his act ;p

DuoPresto, their quick change act that human eye can't really notice how they change their clothes in just seconds! I was trying not to blink my eye to see how they transform but my eyes just not fast enough.

gif animator
With just two big feather fans, she managed to change her cloth twice. How did they do that? It is absolutely impressive =)

I personally think that she is the prettiest dancer with this costume ;p

I have tons more photos taken during the Dazzle show but decided to share it on my FB Photo album instead of using your precious mobile broadband quota. So, visit my FB Photo album after I finished upload ya~!

Dazzle show is definitely one out of 100 awesome program that Genting Highland provide. If you don't wanna miss out future programs, visit for latest news~! For example, Hero Legends Kickboxing show on coming 9 October 2010 (Saturday), Fong Fei Fei Live In Genting on coming 20 November 2010 (Saturday).


Took a hot bath and short rest because that's the space for me to relax and enjoy before all of us try to update blog on the same day. I can tell you I already feel super tired after the whole day activities.

Me, Dylan and Nicole bumped into Charles Gluck, the guy who performed Jerome Murat when we go to lobby to meet up with other bloggers for a meeting. He is so kind to have group photo with us~

Look at all the sleepy face Z.z

Here are more sleepy faces~!

We were all very happy and glad to hear that we get the special "passes" from Amelia to blog about My Selangor Story only AFTER the trip instead of the same day of the trip. That's the best news get! Cos it means I will have more time to relax and enjoy the trip while taking more photos~

In the midnight there are still loving couple walking around the place.

Few of us are happy enough to spend our night eat supper at Marrybrown.
Dylan Phuah, Nicole Chua, Denise Phang and Jing Yi.

Denise like the DearBear3 Cap that she's wearing, do you like it too? ;p

Thanks again to Resort World Genting for everything the whole day~! We really received the warmest welcome from you guys and had the best treatment that I ever had before =) Do become a fans of Resort World Genting's FB Fanpage as if you are active on this page you might just get lucky winning some goodies & merchandises!!

Hope you guys enjoy reading my post and like the photos although I know this is a bit too long to share. But hey, nice thing are good to share right~?

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  1. one of the best stops during MSS! enjoyed he most here! WHEE~!!

  2. indeed a very long post with nice photos~~~ i wanna go genting toooooo!

  3. [Dylan Phuah]
    Definitely agree with you! =)

    Thanks for like my photos~! Let's fnd one day to go together~!

  4. fed up with the hot weather in town ! lets go genting !!! woohoo ~~!!!

  5. [rachekoko]
    Can can~! Wait me finish all #mss post first~! ;p

  6. nice pictures~~ ^__^ especially the last one! =P that girl banyak cantik, can email that photo to me pls? =P


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