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A Bit Bout Fraser's Hill

So yesterday and today went for a trip to Fraser's Hill with a bunch of good friends and I would say I enjoyed the relaxing trip! Although it is kinda dizzy to go uphill to Fraser's hill . The scenery at the top paid a return. like the weather and the nature environment. Thanks to all who let me carpool! [Jasmine, Jack, Raymond, Jian and Jason] There is a horse paddock. Yes, he has big eyes. And also pretty flowers too! Don't forget to vote for the finalist of Miss Fraser's Hill~! Nyahaha! "七朵花" Will reveal who are the guys that went for this trip too in longer travel post. As for now, since I only able to sleep at 2AM something + wake up early to feel the cool breeze air. I am now super duper tired to fall on bed again. Thanks to Rachel who organized the trip! It is definitely a great one! Thanks to you guys who let me carpool again! =) Okie, good night! You can subscribe to TianChad @ 永遇乐 or follow @TianChad on Twitter for future blog post update =)

Project Revive @ Taylor's University Lakeside Campus

Project Revive details: Theme : Lend us a hand, Give them a hope Date : 4 Nov 2010 (Thursday) Time : 7.30 - 11pm Venue : Multipurpose Hall, Taylor’s University, Lakeside Campus. What is Project Revive? It is a Charity Concert + Dinner to Raise funds for Precious Home orphanage and BARIO Project and to provide a platform for youth to perform their hidden talents. What is BARIO Project? The Kelabit, at approximately 5,000 people, is one of the smallest ethnic groups in Bario, Sarawak. Bario is located in the centre of the Kelabit Highlands in the north east of Sarawak, Malaysia. Like many other indigenous communities in Sarawak, the Kelabit live in longhouses in the highlands. However, due to economic and social factors, many have migrated to live in urban areas over the last 20 years. Approximately, 1,200 Kelabit are still living in the highlands. Bario lack constant supply of basic utilities. Besides the Celcom network coverage, there is no telecommunication service provid

DiGi Angels Internet Gathering Sneak Peek + Group Photo

So the long wait iPhone4 landed on whose hand? Let's introduce all 5 finalists! Mohd Faridzul - Magdalene Lim - Lee Hui Yean - Wan Mohd Ameerul - Ho Wei Jie - I would say all 5 bloggers are winners but this time just have 1 iPhone4 to giveaway. Congratz to Finalist 5 Ho Wei Jie for winning his dream new phone! He start playing with it after receive the phone lol. As for other 4 bloggers finalist. Please do not give up on continue participate ongoing and upcoming Nuffnang's Contest because that's how I win some of the prizes from there! I still remember I have joined various contests but not every time win one. My motto is, Keep Trying ! Look at the brightside , your blog posts are more outstanding than 2000 other blog posts! Be proud of yourself get into the Top 5. *Click on the picture to enlarge* Will definitely need to get a wide lens + external flas

Avira Double Value Double Speed Night Launch @ G City Club Hotel

Last Thursday (21st Oct) went to Avira Double Value Double Speed Night Launch located at Bridge Bar, G City Club Hotel, Jalan Tun Razak . The Bridge Bar on 28th floor were closed for this private session. Let me show you some night view photos from G City Club Hotel top floor later~ Mr. Richard Yamamoto, Avira's VP, APAC giving a welcome speech before the new product launch. He looks kinda trendy. So the product has official launched by Mr. Richard Yamamoto ! The new product Avira Premium Security Suite bundle with FREE Tune Up Utilities If you use online banking or you shop on the Internet, you need maximum security. Avira Premium Security Suite not only offers you protection while you surf, but also includes a firewall that protects you from unauthorized access, and parental control options for keeping children safe online. Plus, for a limited time it comes with TuneUp Utilities FREE (usually €39.95). TuneUp Utilities increases the speed and performance of your

Inspiring Innovators & Ambank Innovator ATM Group Photos

Since most of the group photos in my camera, I am responsible to distribute it asap. So here you go, hope you guys don't mind grab the photos here ya! Morning went for a talk entitled "Inspiring Innovators" and we all dressed with formal wear. Awesome talk about "Dabbawala Foundation - World Most Innovative Distributing System" by Manish Tripathi and "How High You Can Fly" by Azran Osman-Rani . Had a group photo with Mr. Azran after the talk and panel discussion finish and would like to thanks him for organizing an instant twitter contest to win flight tickets to GoldCoast . There are only 5 winners but we Nuffies + Nuffnangers somehow able to grab 4 slots. Weee~ Lesson learned, try it better than miss it. Then went to Taylor's lakeside Campus for Ambank Inspector ATM event. Here is a group photo after launch. [Before] [After] Lol too much of the celebration stuff Another group photo after finish have foods at Taylor's Lake Side Taragon Re

Gorgeous Fitness @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

10.10.10 is a special day for lots of the loving couples to get one step further in their love life. The memorable wedding. So... next year 11.11.11 will have a bunch of new married couples too? Actually 10.10.10 is also a good day for Gorgeous Fitness's Grand Official Launch. That day everyone including friends and family were welcomed to visit Gorgeous Fitness at Bandar Puteri Puchong and have a look at what kind of gym equipments, facilities and service they provide. By looking at the speed of food being emptied, can say whole day long lots of people visited Gorgeous Fitness. Here is a wider view of gym equipments located at Ground Floor. Supreme 7100 - These are some of the brand new treadmills So basically Gorgeous Fitness Bandar Puteri has total 4 levels: Ground Floor - Reception, Consultation, Tanning Saloon, Gorgeous Boutique 1st Floor - Gym Lounge, Classes, Changing Room 2nd Floor - Free Weight, RPM Room, Boxing Ring 3rd Floor - Kidsroom, Treadmill, Office, Studio