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Prince of Persia: The Sand of Time (2010)

Courtesy of Nuffnang, who always give their bloggers to watch free movie few times every month. This time we are watching Prince of Persia - The Sand of Time. It is kinda special that night as each and everyone of us were given a can of Mister Potato's Rice Crisps to "nom nom" in the cinema.

Prince of Persia could become Prince of "Perisa" because of Mister Potato

Happy Nuffies serving us the Mister Potato Rice Crisps along with movie tickets.

Able to catch this movie last minute because Joseph Lee have extra ticket. Thanks bro =D
*The belle on Joseph's Shirt really sexy pretty ar*

Rice Crisps comes in four new flavours. Hot & Spicy, Original, Sour Cream & Onion and Flame Grilled BBQ. *Saw the Potato emoticons?*

You can share with your friend. Nicholas = Nic
*Will get you one if I have extra =)*

Or even share with your love one ^3^ *hoho*

Among all four flavours, the one that I like the most is Hot and Spicy. Especially when you are watching action movie like Prince of Persia, you want to see someone hot and eat something hot at the same time! Haha!

You should try out all four flavour too! If I am not mistaken, Tesco is having promotion for Rice Crisps now! =D

Rating of Prince of Persia: The Sand of Time

Since I've played the PC game before, i can recognize some one the scene sin the movie do represent the scenes in the game. That's one of the reason I like it so much. You will like it more especially when Prince Dastan fighting the snakes and enemies using the Dagger of Time. Some more Princess Tamina is the elegant woman who is destined to protect the dagger for her whole life. Overall, the CGI effects made the movie looks really nice although the end of the movie is not so convincing.

I will rate it 8.5/10

After that night, I had a dream and this is roughly what happen in it, with Mister Potato Rice Crisps some more!

One day, Prince Dastan managed to sneak into the castle of Princess Tamina. He is so happy that he did it with ease. Just jumping and rolling all over the place.

Prince Dastan was so happy that he did it so well and going to look for Rice Crisps Princess Tamina.

At the same time the soldiers also broke into the castle.

That's why Prince Dastan need to find where the Rice Crisps was hidden before the soldiers did

Fortunately on the way of searching for Rice Crisps, Prince Dastan bumped into Princess Tamina who was hunted by the soldiers. So he help her out to get rid of the enemies.

Princess Tamina wished he wouldn't know the secret power of Rice Crisps. Prince Dastan already know that Rice Crisps has 20% less fats compared to normal potato chips, but he never know about the real secret power of rice crisps.

On the way to a safe place, Prince Dastan forced to duel with the dessert robbers who also want the Rice Crisps. There are lots of dessert robber that he need to duel with and he really need helps. Luckily Princess Tamina share the secret with him and ask him to eat 8 pieces of Rice Crisps in one time.
*This is one of the scene where Prince Dastan need to eat the exact amount of Rice Crisps to get the same power as Dagger of Time*

Now he is strong enough to beat the boss after eating the Rice Crisps! *nom nom*

In the end, Prince Dastan and Princess Tamina live happily ever after together with Mister Potato's Rice Crisps. That's the end of my story before I woke up by the alarm.

If you like to watch Prince of Persia, I would like to recommend you to watch Prince of "Perisa" too! Production team would be Mister Potato and I have even design the movie poster too!

Prince of Perisa: The Snacks of time - Brought to you by

PS: This is a very simple movie review and contest entry for Nuffnang Mister Potato Rice Crisps Review Contest. I hope it is creative enough after I apply some noob photoshop =D Wish I can do flash too!


  1. Nice entry you have there and it's one of the most interesting one. Good luck (;

  2. wow, you liked the movie a lot more than i did. my friends and i were so freaking disappointed. the editing was bad. the dialogues are abysmal. the CGI damn fake. and gemma arterton (tamina) act as if she has a log up her fanny at all times. gyllenhaal was likeable and ben kingsley (nizam) was awesome. alfred molina (ostrich race guy) seems to be having a lot of fun acting in this movie. if only gyllenhaal and arterton did the same. it wud have been a much better flick :(

  3. [Hilda Milda]
    Thanks for the bless! =D Hope it is creative enough =S

  4. [k0k s3n w4i]
    Haha maybe my requirement is very low in movie ;p
    Thanks for your comment about the movie ya.

  5. wah! your story is really interesting... wahaha! :D

    btw... have a nice day and good luck! :D

  6. [SonnyKazu]
    Thanks for the blessing =D
    have a nice day too!

  7. nice one .... good luck to u ... ( got a pic look like mine also )

  8. [Jack Ng]
    Is it? Thanks for the good luck ya. *Going to read urs now* ;p


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