Very Thai Noodle Cafe & Restaurant | TimeSquare

Happened to have dinner with friends at Very Thai Noodle Cafe & Restaurant in TimeSquare. Most people visit a Thai restaurant because of their Tom Yam. But have you found your favourite TomYam in any restaurant?

Simple yet colourful dishes on the menu

Only one of my friend wanna take photo with me because all of them are exhausted shopping earlier. Between, this is Wen Jie =) I like my Ruumzcause T-Shirt but now not selling anymore at

Talking about hospitality, we were served by a male waiter that somehow looks like a female. The unique "landmark" of Thailand I guess. ;p

We ordered a few dishes to try out and share:
Egg with Onion - As what it tasted

Fried Seafood Tung Fen - Tasted so so only

Pineapple Fried Rice - Can taste better with more pineapple

VeryThai's TomYam - Got some big prawns inside a bit salty with spicy

"Khob Khun Kha". It means "Thank You" in Thai

Overall: Very Thai's food tasted okay for me and for the environment, I hope the aircondition system can be cooler as when we are eating spicy food we feel a lot hotter and sweats too. If you like Thai foods, you can go to try them out~! This is my personal taste buds' opinion.

Went to watch movie KidNapper with my friends and before that wander around with them at Natural Public. A place where you can see BIG Rain on the advertisement board.

Feel the nature - by smelling the flower like Rain

You might get suffocated if you get too near with the board ;p
*Just some funny stupid thing we did when we have nothing to do, lol*

Since I parked my car in LowYat Plaza and watch movie in TimeSquare. I need to go back to the car park at late night. That time LowYat already like a empty castle and kinda dark inside. Luckily I met a guard that give me direction to the car park.

Empty LowYat Plaza at night, spot where the ghost standing now

Here is a video recording as kinda quiet if I walk alone, people might thought I am a ghost too! My face so pale some more. Haha! Enjoy my bubbling video!

Night Adventure in LowYat Plaza

"Khob Khun Kha" for reading my blogpost!


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