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espresSOUP @ Low Yat | BlupBlup

On 30th of May 2010, I went to espresSOUP @ LowYat with Rames and Tallboyz because BlupBlup is treating us bloggers a free lunch!!

The first thing that catch my eye is the farmer's bread decorated on the shelf.

One of their specialties is their varieties of high concentrated thick soup. They have Chunky Mushroom, Creamy Pumpkin, Clam Chowder, Fresh Broccoli and Classic Minestrone.

Even the menu is so easy to read =) It is always good to go with a combo

espresSOUP may looks like a small place, but the servants inside are effective enough to serve everyone on time. "Express" Soup ma =)

The farmer bread were meant to be eaten together with the soup. I choose the Fresh Broccoli because broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetable with tons of vitamin.

Besides soup, they also serve es Salad

es Bites and also es Pasta

This is how the Clam Chowder Soup In Bread looks like. Tried it and it tasted very nice especially when it is thick enough.

You can order different kind of POKKA Drinks too. I like "No Sugar Green Tea"

Or you can try POKKA's Grace Letchis (Laici)

Overall, when there is a food with brand new idea and taste delicious too, it will definitely attract people to try them out. Some more the Farmer bread is naturally good for you without additional oil, sugar & preservatives. If you haven't try it before, you must try it out okay?

You can visit their outlets at Berjaya Time Square, MPH The Curve, Prima Avenue Cyberjaya, Plaza Low Yat, MPH Subang Parade, The Gardens, MPH One Utama and Tesco Village Mall( starting in July 2010).

Follow them on espresSoup's Facebook, espresSoup's Twitter, espresSoup's Blog. Who knows one day they giving out promotion? =)


Thank to BlupBlup, say hi to Simon So

Nice meeting the NikepOp(smashpOp)

Jacquelyn, my biotech junior

And Mark Tan - The Big guy behind espresSOUP

Below are photos grabbed from SmashpOp.net ;p

Some of the bloggers

More of the Blup Blup bloggers =D

Thanks again to BlupBlup and espresSOUP for this treat.

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