My First Acting Video with Nicole~!

There was this one day, I asked my reader on my little FanPage about what I can do with my blog and Facebook page. These are some voice out =)

So this time "Make A Video" has become my mission! ;p

I have seen a featured video through Castrol Malaysia' Facebook. It is about DJ Fara and DJ Jan fighting for something. Kinda funny to see 2 person fight for the same thing. So me and my friend try to make a video about sabotage each other. Watch this video first:

DJ Fara & DJ Jane Office Battle Part 1

One night, I asked the Xeroz couple [MsXeroz and ImXeroz] to tag along for dinner and video recording. I can't sabotage myself right? Haha

Decided to have some sushi at Sakae Sushi in IOI Mall

Their sushi looks really nice~!

This time the video will featuring yours truly and MsXeroz (Nicole)

I was late because of some reason and kinda frustrated to share about it.

Nicole then try to clear things up

However the argue never end and we ......

Watch my video to find out more ;p

Who is the Bad Driver?

After I have finish watching all 3 part of the fight between DJ Fara and DJ Jane on Castrol Facebook. I can say our video is not as good as theirs yet. Please feel free to watch the other two part:

DJ Fara & DJ Jane Office Battle Part 2

DJ Fara & DJ Jane Office Battle Part 3

So what do you think about my first video with a little story in it? Btw, ImXeroz is the videographer. Thanks a lot to you both~! Please do comment about our video and visit Castrol Facebook for some good stuff. I heard there are contests going on there~ =D


RK said…
eh? the video has been removed !? i wanna watch eh !! XD
TianChad田七 said…
Lol looks like Nicole wor
TianChad田七 said…
Woot, thanks for inform me about that =D
Henry Lee said…
nice video there bro! but the trick u did on the sushi wont work on me! im a wasabi freak! XD i wanna join a wasabi eating competition!!! :p
TianChad田七 said…
[Henry Lee]
Lol! I am sure u can find any wasabi eating competition if they organize one ;p
Unknown said…
really funny video darn me hungry liao for sushi *goes satsugai some poor fella fish*
TianChad田七 said…
Yay thanks for watching ~!
Ops accidentally advertised for Sakae Sushi ;p
TianChad田七 said…
Haha thanks =) Yours is a lot better~
HenRy LeE ® said…
nice video there bro! but the trick u did on the sushi wont work on me! im a wasabi freak! XD i wanna join a wasabi eating competition!!! :p

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