Best Bits of Project Alpha Season 2

So fast all 50 episodes of Project Alpha Season 2 (including one bonus) has been published on Youtube and it just end too quick! Time passed so fast ar. *Blink blink* Within all 7 bloggers featured, the best bits moment in PA2 is when some of the bloggers visit the Tambun for wild life and nature.

If I were one of the featured blogger, I would like to try what KySpeaks did, to get close with the snakes. Get close with ShaolinTiger tiger also nice too~! =D Cheeserland no doubt is the most fashionista female blogger while NikiCheong is the male fashionista blogger. He got lots of grooming tips that guys don't usually know. Thumbs up for both of them.

Ninie Ahmad, a very dedicated yoga "sen sei" @ teacher in Malaysia. Same as Jojo Struys ar. Both of them can keep their youth so well! I think partially because of the benefits from Yoga too. I can always remember Jojo's signature laugh, lol ;p

As for Azwan Ali, first time saw a person with BIG laser mouth, which really represent him. He is dare to say anything he want without worry about the consequence. That's why people likes to read his blog. Too bad I can't stay long on his blog because ALL WORDS ARE IN CAPS LOCK. IT MAKES ME FEEL LIKE HE IS ANGRY ALL THE TIME. Dear celebrity, just make sure you didn't made him mad or else you will be on his blog. =S

After saw KlubKidd's episode, I know it is not that easy to be a singer/ an artist. You gotta really have talents/"berbakat" in anything related to music.

Oh ya, I did get some useful blogging tips by watching all the episode of PA 2. Thank you to those who have been sharing those tips =D

PS: To female bloggers, sometime photoshop can helps you gain lots of traffic by just using the "Smudge" and "Enlarge" tool to beautify your pictures.

Below are the remain four episodes of Project Alpha Season 2:

Ep 47




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