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Kris Allen Wonder If...

Can this consider as a "wonder" emotion? Only Kris Allen himself know what he was thinking.

Aiks, another random post =S

I am at a T-Junction, wondering about something and still can't decide which route to choose. It is either you take the risk or you play safe but not satisfy with certain things. Kinda lost in the "road" and not sure what I really want in 5 more years. People are ambitious and I should too!

What do I want to see myself in next 5 years? I can't really imagine that now as it will be totally different from what I am having now. *dilemma*

Let's hope my dream + subconscious will give me hints on getting on the right track.

Hmm, maybe I can ask a question here. In your impression, what am I working as? Which road is suitable for me? Yes, I am working already =D

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)