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Heineken Gave TianChad a Garmin GPS!

Last week I received a call from Heineken team, Evonne told me I am one of the lucky winners for Garmin GPS. She told me the reason I was selected is because I have a Heineken Membership [Which also won through Clive Magazine Contest] that made me the winner. I should call this as one of the big lucky star that striked on me. =D

Garmin nuvi 255W

The letter - "A Garmin GPS is yours!"

A macro shoot of him =)

Recently took it out and try to use it. When reaching speed limit he will give me warning. Now I dont worry about getting summon tickets; Besides that, I find it cute when it announce there is a toll in front after 2 km with the unique music tone.

I guess I have fate with Heineken. How bout Marion Caunter? Haha! Wish I can attend more Heineken event and meet her again.

Yeah yeah, look at the brightside ;p

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)