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DA MOUTH and PUMA @ Opera Sunway

Harlo guys, I just back from PUMA's "Create your Style" event where a super quick (really) fashion show featuring the latest Spring/Summer 2010 Collection was unveiled alongside PUMA's newest brand ambassador, Taiwanese music sensation, DA MOUTH.

The only photo I manage to snap which include all the DA MOUTH members *disappointed*

First time step in The Opera, Sunway Pyramid- a few storeys tall building which looks colourful from the outside. Kinda creepy with the mask =X

I wonder if the sound system is good enough as I can't really hear what DA MOUTH is singing and music for the night is not good enough.

PUMA fashion show was presented in a swift way where the models quickly-pose-and-"run". [Maybe they just want to suit PUMA's concept - quick and swift with a jump]I always use without flash to capture the picture as I like ambient like more than direct flash (Don't have a flash gun ar) . Therefore, I guess the most satisfied modeling photo would be as below:

1 out of 100 shoots

Hopefully I can select out some more acceptable picture to post up and blog about . Here is a question to all DSLR user out there, when you are at a very dark venue,spot lights are everywhere, is it no doubt we need to use flash?

Thanks first for the advance advice!

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)