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Martell Cognac + Newman Magazine

Went to Pavilion just now for Newman Magazine's Martell Testing Session. So how do I get the invites? All thanks to Newman for opening a Facebook Group and organized a small contest =) All you need to do is answer simple question and be the lucky 20.

Random shoot of Pavilion 2010 CNY set-up

Three different Martell Cognac for us to try

Cammy Chooi from Newman Magazine

Saw this funny phrase on Martell's display unit
"Dummy, for display purpose only, not for consumption"

Ironic and funny at the same time =D

Try to write short and simple post so that I have more time to pack up for CNY =D

Happy CNY to everyone who is going back hometown now or even still need to work tomorrow. No worries, I "teman" you all work till Friday ya!! =S

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)