Kris Allen Wonder If...

Can this consider as a "wonder" emotion? Only Kris Allen himself know what he was thinking.

Aiks, another random post =S

I am at a T-Junction, wondering about something and still can't decide which route to choose. It is either you take the risk or you play safe but not satisfy with certain things. Kinda lost in the "road" and not sure what I really want in 5 more years. People are ambitious and I should too!

What do I want to see myself in next 5 years? I can't really imagine that now as it will be totally different from what I am having now. *dilemma*

Let's hope my dream + subconscious will give me hints on getting on the right track.

Hmm, maybe I can ask a question here. In your impression, what am I working as? Which road is suitable for me? Yes, I am working already =D


Kris Allen said…
Dear Chad,
My advice to you,
Live Like We're Dying..

Your Idol,
Kris Allen
MsXeRoZ Nicole said…
Hoiyo~! Kris Allen leave msg to u. HAHAHA..

Well Chad, perhaps you should find a quiet place and think. Establish your main aims and what you wish to achieve. Set a time period for it. Then GO~!!

Im constantly having this dilemma myself, and now is waiting for a good opportunity. Perhaps waiting is not an option. We should start taking action and ride into the bumpy roads of life.

Let's change together! For a better job, better life.

I think your current job is ok, it's just that the salary is too low, and there's little chance of naik pangkat. (like me)
TianChad田七 said…
[Kris Allen]
Thanks for the advice. I wish you were the real Kris =)

I should really do stay quiet at one place and think what I want in future. Long time not doing that already =S

Just do it~!

After all, money and successful is my main concern =)

Thank you =)
marcusan said…
aaaaaaaaaaaahahahah! macam lah you know its NOT the real Kris? LOL
TianChad田七 said…
Haha, my six sense told me =)

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