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Fireworks + Hokkien = Boom Boom Pow

If you are reading this once I post it I guess you might be one of the people who was either awaken by the "boom boom pow" or you are Hokkien people burning the fireworks.

My CNY tireness striked me around 7PM and I accidentally sleep till 12AM without having my dinner [Luckily I bought some banana just now]. Fireworks woke me up, can't sleep, so I decided to go out and hunt for fireworks scene and snap it down.

Out of 20++ photo taken, I choose the best one to publish ba.

First attempt snap fireworks using Nikon D90 =) [I am still a noob]

What do you like about your DSLR? One of the reason is because I can do the so called "Bokeh" mode.

Okay la, fireworks stop, time to sleep back as tomorrow start to work already~! Try my best to post more detailed post during CNY +++

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)