PFHS 96th Anniversary - Part I

Okay, I better post about this before PFHS next year's anniversary arrived! You can see my post of 95th anniversary by clicking here.

Back to 19th-20th Jun of 2009, I went back to my secondary school and see what had changed and grown. Manage to meet up with some friends and see the performance that came out once a year. One of my friend even married and having 2 daughters now =)

First of all, if your monitor screen is big enough, please increase the resolution to 1280 x 1024 for better viewing experience =) I won't write much this time.

PFHS 96th Anniversary Marching performance

旗队 @ The Flag Society

童军队 @ Scouts Society

红新月会 @ First Aid Society

? ? Society

学长团 @ Prefect Society


I like the greenish environment of the school now. Got big trees, grass and even bamboo! Thanks to our school gardener.

管乐队 @ Wind Band

Their new red uniform

After the marching, there are other performance from primary school and PFHS school society too [ Wushu(Marital Art), Tai Chi and class performance].

Tiga Bangsa dance

Fan dance?

武术 @ WuShu

太极 @ Tai Chi

Martial Art's matrix student floating in the air

The flying Kick

At last the word "培风中学" is growing on the ground

The graduating class dance performance


Friends =)

Arashi & Yih Hwey

Noticed my name in the 2004 list

More friends

Wind band is going to march and perform

The solo

The art and graphic

Leader is in the middle that will throw the wand way up high into the air and try to grab it back. That is the moment that decide us to cheer or boo.

"96th School Anniversary" nicely done!

It won't be complete without a lion dance. I saw two different types of kids. The active and the quiet one.

Went to school office

Met ChiuLing and WeiYu + her daughter

I saw happy family, do you? [No they are not the parents ;p]

All of us graduated from the same school at the same time, then we choose the different path. Some decided to further study, some prefer to build a family, some start getting a job. We are now in the next phase of our life, getting into the world society that is realistic and different from school.

Last, the picture that described it self: "I don't want!"

Model: JiaXian and WeiYu's daughter

Stay tune for PFHS 96th Anniversary - Part II


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