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Just An Ordinary Fashion Victim

A relaxing Sunday, with little budget, shopping in IOI Mall, had "Beet Root+Carrot+Celery Juice"[RM 7], tasted not so bad, good for health especially with the beet root inside.

Visited Brands Outlet, spent RM 50, came out with three Garage Graphic Tees. Below have four designs, which three would you choose? =)

1. "K.O."

2. "Does My C**k Look Big In This?"

3. "3 Degree R - Reduce . Reuse . Recycle"

4. "I Am Just An Ordinary Fashion Victim"

If you are looking for new shirts( polo/formal/T-Shirts/Trendy++) , go visit Brands Outlet which is the latest concept store from Padini Group.

PS: Please ignore my messy hair and narcissistic face, but are you a fashion victim?

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)