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Ruumz Celebration with Nokia Xpress Music

Few months ago ruumz organized a contest called "Madonna's Celebration". All you need to do is download the song "Celebration" by Madonna to qualify in the contest, then download as much songs as possible from music ruum to win this NOKIA 5130 XpressMusic.

How I hope it could be Nokia 5310 Xpress Music if it was not communicated wrongly on the web. Ruumz, you gotta improve on not giving wrong information ;p

I thought I just won a phone, that's all. But ruumz gave me a surprise by giving tons of Madonna's CD Album.

The all new CD Celebration is included too =)

Another one - The HARD CANDY with 2 bonus remixes of "4 minutes"
*Inside got a packet of edible candy, I am gonna share with coleagues*

Last but not least, thanks to ruumz for organizing this contest and I am looking forward for more contest specially for ruumates. Wanna be my ruummates? Clikck HERE to join now!

PS: Do you know that you can donate money and help those in need through ruumz? All money that you have donated are 100% goes to the charity. I have done my part, how bout you? There is one way that you can earn money from ruumz and donate to the charity too!

It's a chance for you to collect good karma =)

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)