Newman 6th Anniversary @ Mist Club

June 18th 2009, TianChad first time went to Mist Club @ Bangsar to attend Newman Magazine 6th Anniversary. The purpose of going there was to gain new exposure at different place and different event. Arrived kinda late that day because can't hardly find any parking near the club. In the end I parked near housing area along the roadside.

There are many people waiting outside and I saw celebrity Steven Yap. That time I was not brave enough to greet him. =S

Newman goodies bag are already prepared on the corridor and we can only take it after the event. It is actually good because it will make the crowd stay in for event and less thing to hanging around you.

Since I was late the event already started. It was Camel active 's fashion show going on. below are the clothes, apparel and the models.

I like this set the most. Did you notice camel active is always with 2 layers of tops?

Hunny Madu and Nadia were the emcee for first part of the event

And I forgot what game they did but the women on the right has the funniest "coke" sound. Will upload the video later.

Besides Hunny and Nadia, Joey G and Daphne Iking are also emcees for the night
Formal versus ballet wear

Recognize the singer?

If I didn't remember wrongly, there are three types of beer for us. All are free flow but I can't drink much =S

There are some game for the crowds to play too.

Three ladies and guys are chosen for an unknown game. This time it is not the guy do something for the ladies, but the opposite. The ladies were told to style/wax up their hair. Once I heard that I have said "Oh no" in my mind.

Why, because this is what happened...Those are wax!!
Imagine how much shampoo he need to wash them off.

The outcome for all three guys

The most right guy got the safest hairstyle hence that couple won the prizes. - Hair styling product.

That night there is a little contest going on too, here are some of the ladies.

They can wear dress

and they can...

wear men's brief too!

If I didn't saw the brand "Renoma" on it and the empty space at the private part. I don't even know the colourful and shining pant are actually men's brief.

My first time saw water sprinkle on the stage while modeling is still going on

Yes, you have umbrella with you, but it can't help you much. So my advice is, enjoy the spray as long you are wearing safe.

Do you think ladies with men's panty are sexy?

Richard Augustin, Managing Editor celebrate the anniversary by hitting the box full with surprise.

All kinds of men's brief drop out from the box and the ladies throwing them to the crowd.

They are happy when throwing and giving

But it looks ugly when it was umwrapped on the ground =.="

Another artist performed. Sounds okay

Prize giving ceremony after some time

They can be a matching couple

And the three winners. Who is 1st, 2nd, and 3rd?

I was there alone and didn't know will able to met friends there. This is Christock and his partner, which is on FHM Magazine December Issue. Besides that, met Nigel, Kellster Cincauhangus and Jen too.

The DJ rock the night and Daphne rocking on the stage ;p

The crowds is on hyper mood too, good job DJ

Daphne invited a few people dance on stage.

No one can stand out more than her with the dress and aura. In my mind, she is a party girl =)

Forgot why they receive the prizes =S

Manage to take photo with Joey G before he left.

Left the venue earlier because I can feel that the bass inside the club is knocking hardly on my eardrum, plus drink beers without friends is just not fun. And I prefer wine more than beer.

So...What do I feel about the event? I might only wear Camel Active in cooling weather, Woman wear men's brief give me different view. No beer, the crowd won't get high easily.

Most of all, I've learnt not to let the girls to do my hair [Unless she is professional]

One tips for all Bangsar Mist club goer, you are advised to park your cark near housing area as all car parked along the roadside were saman-ed that night. My car is just lucky enough for not getting the ticket =D


  1. looked like a great event... i didnt know about this though

  2. [Dylan]
    The event not bad only =)Maybe you don't know because it is extremely overdue post ;p

  3. Daphne = party girl, u are the party boy man! (looking at all yr posts! ;) )

  4. [thenomadGourmand]
    Haha!! She earn money while party. How I hope I can be like her too =D

    [This is...]
    The google image show her face, I guess she is =)
    Thank you!


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