PayFong 95th Anniversary

My favourite picture, colourful :)

How modern is our PFHS field now? Really modern and too good to be true!
It is more professional and very nice!
And of cource ... it cost RM 500,000 to build this

This is the history tomb for the field

The marching team for prefect year 2008
Some of the girls need to wear guy's uniform to make the team looks more tidy
Thanks for their willingness to do that

Not much people that I met that day.
But met a new friend and his name is
Jun Hang
It was mentioned as it help me remember his name

Haha, this 1 is a very artistic decoration.
Both the door are "tooth after brushed" and "tooth before brushed"
I only took picture of the "tooth after brished" with this big toothpaste that wasn't noticed when put inside the room.

This is Yee Hui and she is still speaking loud like usual. Good for her ;p

And this is the cooker of the "Ooo Jian" for vegetarian!

"美丽的草原我的家" - Memories for SM3Y

Hmm, current prefect room.
Met Jian Zhang, Yan Ru, Xin Nan, Yi Sheng there :)

In the 95th Pay Fong Anniversary
Many thing has changed since I graduated from PFHS
PFH(High)S >> PFMS(Middle)
The field at the back has become more modern
Junior has started to sell things besides the big hall

The night performance for this year looks familiar but with new idea.
Got video cast
And I like the performance by Jia Rou's sister and her partner the most :)

The thing that changed the most is less people come to this anniversary.

Story end~


Unknown said…
jun tang*
yih hwey*

nice to have you to be with for all the 校慶 day.
we enjoyed though not many of our pals were there.
fenfenisme said…
is that the performance great?
i mean 美麗的草原~~
oh my god~
all makes me feel i want to go home lah~~~~>"<
TianChad田七 said…
Thanks for correct me :)
We all happy la

[joo fen]
The 美麗的草原 is just a flute music performance.
But yeap, it is nice

Come home when you are free la :)

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