[Save Our Seahorse] - Heading to Melaka with "ball"!

After finished our job cleaning the lawn and pond, get ourselves rewarded with fresh mango and drinks, we are back to the Seahorse Research Station and packing back home.

Dr. Louisa is packing the processed Dugong's bones.

We did looking for Dugong's Trails in one of the days of our SOS Trip. Did we found it? Click here to find it out =)

These are Dugong's Tooth

Dugong's tooth fit in the hole on the skull. It is like a six pieces puzzle for me.

Before we left we took a photo with Dr. Louisa. Choo has something important to do so he won't be in this photo =(

He don't want to go back, so do we!! This trip is so enjoyable and unforgettable!! I would like to go back again if I have tons of holidays or no need a full time job. So, if you don't wanna miss this trip of saving the seahorse and relax yourself at the same time, do visit http://www.sosmalaysia.org and register now~! It is only RM30 per student and RM50 per aldult!

PS: Please don't wait untill the Seahorse extincted then only take action =)

So the SOS trip is over, where are we heading now? =D
Melaka!!! But before that we need to heal our empty stomach first!!

VOS Spaghetti House Restaurant
*sounds similar*

This is our nice looking and delicious dishes. I like the cheesy fish. The boss of this VOS Spaghetti House is originally a hawker. After few years successfully opened this shop because business get better and better. Do visit the shop ya!

Hungry us ;p

I got this little Durian Massage Ball when helping the Teacher to clean his lawn. This is the "ball" that give me good manhood massage.

After two hours of driving, we've arrived Melaka!

YengYeng tried her first satay celup (peanuts+satay kuah) = Our dinner.

Then we visited the Taming Sari tower at night. Want to see the night view with binocular? Rent it at price start from RM3.

Why you need binocular at night? I guess is for us to stalk if there is any people wearing bikini in the swimming pool.

Part of the night view. Pahlawan Shopping Mall @ Melaka

We are spinning!

We are crazy yet cool! XD
*picture snapped without planing considered as lucky shoot*

Four pairs of dark legs with mosquito bite's mark

After that we travel to one of the tips of Pulau Melaka

Masjid Selat Pulau Melaka

Why do we get in there? It is for people praying right?

Yes it is, and it is dark after their praying finished

The purpose of us going there is to witness the silence sea and quietly beautiful night view~! You can see the Jeti and the "Eye of Melaka" aka "Eye of Malaysia". We won't leave so early if the guard there didn't request us to leave as they are locking the door.

PS: You need to wear a robe as a show of respectful to their religion and mosque. Do you know Putrajaya's robe is pink in colour?

At late night we head to The end of Jeti for a drink

I still don't know the name of this place. It is behind Jeti's Karaoke Box

My sour plum drinks

and our happy feets~!!

That place is a good place for couple to hang out as the place has dim light and with Melaka sea nice cool breeze.

Went back home around 12PM and everyone was tired like *heaven*.

The next morning, I bring them to the usual Melaka Baba's Food House called "Tan's Nyonya Food Store" or "Donald and Lily".

LiErn and Christ waiting for food

First poser [YengYeng] after the foods arrived! [I prevent them from eating first because as a blogger, picture first! ]

Happy Chris

Greedy me

And the winner is Surprised LiErn [I shoud put some glowing effects on the food =D]

With the nice breakfast from the baba house, we took picture with our nice SaveOurSeahorse [SOS] T-shirts too~!

The "turn-around pose" XD

Before my dearest "Happy Three friends" depart back to KL, we walk along Melaka River and had the last photo shoot as the end of our SOS trip.

Sexy "S" with Happy "O"

Tilted, Funny "S" and Puffy fish's "O"

Okay...as a return I will be the puffy fish too! =.="

Before end, let's have a look on our experience when "Riding" Taming Sari, Melaka!

"Bikini, bikini, bikini...I want to swim!!""


  1. Melaka is an awesome place man. The eye on malaysia was position to a bad place though. Nothing much to shoot from there.

    Take care!

  2. If I'm not mistaken, that part behind the karaoke belongs to Gogo as well. They prepare the drinks and deliver there. Same menu.

  3. [superwilson]
    Yeap, Melaka my beautiful hometown =D
    I hope there are more things building up around Eye of Malaysia because the land fill just finished.

    I see I see =D
    Thank you KweeFong~!


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