HP Future Is... Fly Up High!!

Appreciated with the opportunity given by Nuffnang and HP, I have attended HP's "Future Is..." event at Rootz Club (which is a rooftop bar). So what is the event about? Please allow me to tell you the story through pictures as they means more than thousand words~! [The other reason is because of my English writing =S]

Rootz - The Latest NightClub at rooftop garden of Lot 10, KL

Warm welcomed by Rootz Club crew and Nuffie

Had a photo with HP's colourful backdrop and the goodies given

First time got a well designed umbrella through an event.
[Bernard & Serge is the lovely temporary model] XD

While entering Rootz Club I feel like we are passing through a time travel's tunnel to the future! The difference is we were served with wine, beer and juice~!

The generation nowadays and future leaders are all together today

To get to know what the 5 featured bloggers think about future trends

Met Nicholas [one of the Nuffie] and unfortunately I said something awkward while his girlfriend was there. I really apologies for that! =S

Thanks for the refreshments as I just drop by after work. I am hungry, but not as hungry as Kenny because he just flew to here from Kuching. Busy man ha?

While waiting for the arrival of other guest, we get to experience various kind of HP Laptops in the hall. Can you see there are many laptop all over the place? This is just one corner!

HP TouchSmart Dekstop is just way too nice

I like the concept of saving the space and the Touch Technology is getting more common in our life. I don't event need a big space for a dekstop nowadays. Now even the cute dog can mimic our movement and what we said.

We can enlarge the photo and edit it with just using our fingertips.

Have a look on HP TouchSmart's Interactive Screensaver =) Isn't it great?

The event started with Will Quah as the emcee for that night
Will Quah even has his own website/blog @ www.willquah.com

Danny Lee, Country General Manager of Hewlett-Packard Malaysia gave a welcome speech. "Around 6 billion of earth residents, there are 25% of us who are computer and internet users and it keep increasing with the emergence of better technology.

Met the five featured bloggers [Kennysia, Jojo Struys, RedMummy, Cynthia and Joyce the BlueFairy] who shared with us about how technologies affect them in their life.

If you already know Kenny Sia through his blog I am sure you might know what he likes about technology. For example, download "videos" and on the other hand need some tissues?? I would say he is kinky but a successful entrepreneur. With the helps through internet and opinions from his blog readers, he opened a fitness gym called Level Up located in Kuching and this show the benefits of technologies nowdays.

Kenny facing an issue of his blog because there are certain people who purposely commented and spread rumors about him. This is the disadvantages of internet as rumors spread faster with the internet. He did spend time to reply those nasty email but helplessly there are new "story" coming in. His advice, "Just ignore them as they just want to get your attention."

As for Jojo Struys, besides being a celebrity and TV Host, she is Project Alpha Online TV producer that use Youtube as the channel for her TV Program. No more limitation for you to watch TV Programs at any time! She also has three lovely pugs and in one of her blog post she share about her dog knows what she said.

RedMummy and her husband, Sirman

RedMummy is a very capable mom that very in love with red colour. She hope that there is a kind of memory chip that can help you remember and create a database of makeup style. So that she won't need to always google for it on the net for different makeup today! Wait a minute, isn't she using the internet technology to search for different way to makeup? Technology rock!

However, this technology made Redmummy concern about her children who are using internet for entertainment. She know there are certain websites that is not suitable for minor and looking for better parent-control technologies.

Danny and Mr Low is listening to RedMummy's idea of new technology.

First time met that Girl Cynthia, we are both relying on GPS technology. Yes, I use GPS to wander around KL and if I was without it I won't able to arrive this place in time! Will Quah has this awesome idea of putting a GPS device in our eyes, so that we will know where and how to go to that place. However, the excuse of being late - "I am lost" cannot be used anymore! ;p

She shared about the privacy intruded issue with us. Her photos were taken through social network website and published at another site without her permission. Imagine what would happened when your handphone number was published on the internet.

Kenny is still a kid sometime =D *pout*

The fifth panel speaker Joyce, the KinkyBlueFairy is a lady who admitted that she herself is very rely on internet and computer. She always need to reply email and do lots of stuff in one time. With the habit of multitasking and do everything using the same PC, the speed, performance and stablity of a PC is what she need. Nobody like the "Bluescreen of death"

Joyce also has this dream of having the future technology typing without using keyboard and hand. How? By just using you mind! I like this concept but before it was released I wanna make sure that it won't type everything that flew in my mind. I don't want to hurt anybody when I am angry by keep sending spam-angry-email to him/her and regret afterwards ;p

All five featured bloggers have a laptop but I still haven't got one
I should mention that I am using double flash next time =S

The sharing moment is just way too short for me as there are lots more to share. We were given chance to ask question, however due to time constraint only one person manage to ask question. Mr. Low Sin Yap who is the OEM Director of Microsoft Malaysia gave a closing speech about Windows 7 and the upcoming launching of the "Blog-A-Trend" Contest.

With just a touch "Blog-A-Trend" Contest was launched!

Do you want to have a HP TouchSmart or HP Mini? All you need to do is to blog about future trends (technologies, entertainment, environment, social media, design and etc) . For more info please click HERE~!

After the event, we have free time to mingle around and exchange ideas/thought with the 5 panel speakers and other netizens too. I didn't waste this chance to take photo with the bloggers and new friend that I've met.

Bloggers, netizens or even celebrities~! =D

I am really happy that I can have a close up photoshoot with the bloggers. This is one of the benefit of being a blogger myself~!

I am glad that JoJo remembered my name since Project Alpha's Show XD

Joyce who always on the fashion track with her own trendy style

Cynthia is that new girl that I've met. A potential model.

RedMummy has the red spotlight follow her everywhere (infrared of camera ;p)
She is a good role model for women and mommy.

Kenny is humorous and a successful blogger while Will Quah is a role model who recently walked away with the prestigious “Martell Rising Personality of the Year”.

Not forgetting Danny Lee, the HP Country Manager =)

Out of surprise I met a celebrity, Alan Yun 袁锦伦 =)
Seems like Rootz Club is really famous in KL ha?

Before left I have a look around Lot 10's rooftop, saw people still in the gym even it is already 10PM. I like the rooftop garden and the light bulbs decoration.

Bukit Bintang road is still busy and I saw HP "Thin & Light"
Do you know "Thin and Light" is also one of the blogging topic for the contest?

The event ended with HP balloon fly up high =)

I wonder if I can flew up high and travel to another place in the future by just holding on balloons!

Perhaps Joyce's idea of teleportation would made it easier. We don't even need a car in the future to travel around and this would solve the traffic jam problem in KL ~! Less CO2 gas emission means a good start for greener environment~! This is absolutely a good topic for "Future of Environment" .

No, they are not trying to teleport ;p

Here is my HP Future - A Teleporting Umbrella!

The umbrella is nicely designed by a Dutch designer, Tord Boontje and I like his artwork very much! Very lifely and close to nature. Now it makes me want the HP Mini by Studio Tord Boontje too~! Click here to check out their Flash Website~! ^@^

PS: Some of the photos may look grainy because I uploaded it to Picasa Album for suitable viewing on blog and webpages. Thanks to friends who helped me take some of the pictures. If you want to see more photos, please drop by my little FanPage on Facebook =D


  1. [Just_najmiE]
    *finger crossed* =)

    Haha yesh I did ^@^"

  2. some of the bloggers are quite lucky (I mean is more hardworking than I) in meeting famous bloggers and attended many BIG events. *envy eyes**

  3. good luck good luck~!
    it was a cool event. hope there's more!

  4. [Manji]
    Please don't be envy as you can be the lucky bloggers too~! =) We just need efforts to grab the chance~

    Good luck to both of us =D
    I am sure there are more event coming soon~!

  5. ah hak!!! you did a great job on the entry!!! puff**


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