XPax BlackBerry Party @ Republic Sunway

"Got Double X, Got Double More!"

On 10th Oct 2009, XPax organized a XBerry party for all who pre-registered for "XPax BlackBerry Curve 8520 Prepaid" Package including 40 Nuffnangers who was invited to this special party. We were introduced with the first prepaid Blackberry service by Xpax at the lowest rate in town! I would like to use tons of photoS to tell you the story =D

The party was great and many BlackBerry lovers were there to grab the special deal of RM888 BlackBerry Curve 8520 with lots of free gifts. [Including limited edition designer skin exclusively designed by Lapsap, TAG, Black Fryday, Yayawoo & Bangkit]

Date : 10 October 2009
Time : 8pm
Venue : The Republic, Sunway
Highlights: Joe Flizzow, Arabyrd, Lapsap (Xu) and Twilight Action Girl

After register we Nuffnangers got the VVIP tag
Bloggers are new generation of media!

Few booth was set up to help people get their brand new XBerry 8520
*XPax + BlackBerry >> XBerry*

'Republic - Sexy Cocktail Bar'
Does that mean have free beer and sexy lady inside? I would say yes =D

Since we arrived earlier, I manage to take a photo of interior design of Republic @ Sunway before it getting crowded

Besides that, you are able to take photo with the celebrities =D
Sazzy Falak and Pop Shuvit
They are very friendly and always open for photo session.

After have a chill inside Republic, the event started~!
XBerry Party was emcee by Sazzy Falak

The first performer, Shawn Lee
He is really a human beatbox

Watch it here:

*Video courtesy of wickidh*

Second performer is presented by Joe Flizzow
"Kartelo Hello!"

Joe has a partner singing together as well

For a moment Joe went down to the crowd and sang to a girl

and I somehow feel that the DJ on stage looks like young version Obama
That's why I name him as DJ "Obama"

"The street dancer in the flash"
There are street dancer showing their great performance too!

After Joe's performance lucky draw session was held
I caught Joe doing some "digging-gold-business" and thinking if he realized he is doing that ;p
Sometimes people have subconscious movement when thinking, and the reality is Joe just simply put his hand under nose but not digging ;p

There is a lady who have loud sound and really can rap

That's why she won her self a BlueBerry for FREE!!

As for her"enemy", her rap's not bad too. Keep it up!
After the lucky draw we had some time-out inside the VIP Area.

Met three lenglui Adele, "Ms. SnowWhite" and Ringo

Next up the performance by ARABYRD~!

I really really like her "L.O.V.E."

There are two singers who perform after Arabyrd's first song.
One of the guy has nice outfit.

Sometimes I got the lucky shot as you are not always able to see their face expression like this
Looks like he found something surprising!

And something made him smiled

Arabyrd changed her cloth and stood on the table
"Stand high high, sing loud loud"

DJ Lapsap did great music mix and since I can use my ear to enjoy I went in to relax at the air-conditioner VVIP zone and enjoy Tiger Beer

That's the moment we bloggers friends take picture together.
Marcus Tan

Amanda Lew

Zoe Yve

Adele again =)

There are lots more blogger there and I didn't snap with everyone because it's time to enjoy music from LapSap~!

While we are enjoying the music
Free beer and vodka running out fast and I'm thirsty
Luckily they provide plain ice cool water =)

After one hour plus of awesome performance done by Lapsap, here comes 2nd round of Lucky Draw~!!
This lucky draw is specially for those who registered that day and purchased the BlackBerry
It mean's if they are lucky enough they will able to BUY 1 GET ONE FREE

Here comes one of the lucky winnerHe won once and in this picture he is going to get his 2nd FREE BlackBerry smartphone
Sazzy want to check the number

The guy said: "Kenapa, tak percaya kah?"

In the end, he won TWO Blackberry because he bought total 9 BlackBerry for his employees and himself!

9 + 2(FREE) = Total 11 BlackBerry~! Congratz!
*How I wish I can own one too! >.<*

XBerry Party was ended with last performance by Twilight Action Girl
If I didn't stay back I won't know he is a guy =D


If you already know me, you will know that I am a social network addict that hanging around on the net especially on Facebook and Twitter. That's how I connect with my friends and update each other what is happening around us.

I share interesting articles and sometimes funny videos. While my friends will give their opinion and it is indeed very good to stay connected anytime. For example, my friends update me on Twitter when H1N1 strike in and when there was a small "earth quake" happening in Malaysia. That's very useful not only for me but others too when I re-tweet(RT) that.

However, I am facing a problem... I can only stay connected with my friends and families when I was using a Desktop PC/Laptop with internet. I found it difficult to stay connected when I am traveling outstation as I can't bring along my bulky PC whenever I go. Sometimes laptop will run out of batteries or being stolen when put inside car. Further more, if I use GPRS to surf the net it will cost me a bomb!

Luckily XPax is offering a very nice package for me!

"XPax BlackBerry 8520 Package"

This XPax BlackBerry 8520 fits me most!!
All the benefits provided by BlackBerry smartphone.
With a BlackBerry 8520 I can update my Facebook and twitt a lot, I can check my e-mail even I dun have PC with me. And most of all I feel freedom of going anywhere without a internet wire tied to me whenever I go. It s very mobile and intelligent!!

Besides that, I can save a lot of money as it is fantastic to have UNLIMITED daily BlackBerry prepaid access from as low as RM1 per day with either "BlackBerry Social" or "BlackBerry Advance" plan.

I can do all the stuff I like with "BlackBerry Adcance" Plan~!

If you missed this XBerry party, you could still get it at RM998 if after the promotion it will be RM1188, so grab it fast~! More information here.

Last but not least, I would like to thanks Nuffnang and XPax for organizing this event as I've never got chance to get so close with the celebrity. I want to twitt this that night but I just can't do it without BlackBerry~!

Sazzy Falak: "Do you want a brand new BlackBerry 8520 smart phone?"

"YES, I DO!!"
Please "Give me My BlackBerry" as what Nuffnang's email said~!


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