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It’s Krrunch Time, Get Playful!

One morning, three little beauty wake up early in the morning
They wake up early to watch Project Alpha but too bad the streaming is not fast!!

That's why they feel bored during the waiting time....

So I take out a Krrunch-ing Pringles to MingTeng
Ming Teng is going to have her first krrunch of "Salt & Pepper"

And she spread the love to Li Ern =)

Even thought the video streaming is slow.

They waiting patiently for it to load while enjoying Pringles

When you have more Krrunch you will have more fun!
Feeding each other or even having a Krrunch-ing moustach

This is how to change the boring waiting time to something playful =)

We even started to camwhore near the balcony when the Playful Spirit rushing in
"Cute little Ming Teng"

"Poor little YengYeng" lol

Later then, we saw a place that will enlighten us more!
*The Swimming pool in the housing area*

So four of us decided to go for a swim!!
Sleepy Li Ern
Seems like she dun have enough Krrunch yet ;p

MingTeng learned how to relax in the pool and eventually all of us feel hungry after swimming in the pool for hours!

So I go up and bring down the saviors!
My four other Krrunch-ing Pringles are here to fill the hunger!!

Yay, it is Krrunch time!!
See the happy faces?! *Yay*
It is boring by just swimming in the pool right? But not anymore when we are with Pringles!

See how enjoy Yeng Yeng and Li Ern are? XD

The moment YengYeng enjoy Krrunch-ing attracted the little boy swimming behind
I guess he keep salivating in the water ;p

Li Ern enjoyed it so much and...
"I gotta grab more before she finished the Krrunch!", said Ming Teng

I feel happy when Pringles manage to make them happy =D

All thanks to Pringles for the Krrunch-ing taste that ignited our playful spirit =D

Wait wait!! Here is one of the playful way to have Krrunch!!
When it’s Krrunch Time, Get Playful!

Thanks to LiErn, MingTeng and YengYeng that helped me in this post too =D

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