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I'm Now The "Bad Boy"!

A quick update, since I feel my hair is hard to style already. I go to saloon today. I am like wearing a "helmet" on my head. A photo before "potong"

Every time I visit this saloon will have different hair stylist. So, as usual I let him do what he want with my hair.

He made it short and revealed my baby BIG head. I thought it is going to finish but later he recommended me to dye my hair as he said "You should try to do new stuff on your hair so it won't look so dull +++ bla bla bla"

The last 3 words I heard is "try new stuff"

So my adventurous spirit was ignited and I was persuaded to dye my hair.
*I was asked to dye my hair for several time at this saloon already. This time this guy success*
My first time being cook by a UFO-Heating-Machine
It will keep surrounding on your head and emitting some thermal heat.

*30 minutes passed......*

I was stunt after he wash off the dye. The colour looks really bright at first glance!
But hey! Look at the bright site, what done is done.
With the golden-brown [GB] hair now, do I looks like "The Bad Boy" as my T-Shirt say??
This is my first time to colour my hair!
Hope my hair won't become too dry after this.

That's the end of today post, gotta rest earlier as I guess when you are reading this post I might already at an oil-palm estate since 5AM!
Wish me luck with the GB hair~!

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)