Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore experience

First of all, the reason I should be given an opportunity to visit Singapore is Nuffnang Awards as I will get to know more bloggers and met new firends! Besides that, Singapore is one of my holiday destination in my travel list. Who don't like travel? =)

I still remember the first time I traveled to Singapore was during my aunt's wedding. I was 10 years old that time and few things caught my mind that I would like to travel to there again. Even Singapore is a small nation, it is enriched with many different cultures, cuisine, arts and architecture.

Singapore, like Malaysia is diverse with many ethnic with large populations of Chinese, Malay, Indian and other people. Not much city that have celebration parties for different ethnic under one roof right?

One City, Three Festivals -

According to the net, singaporean cuisine is an example of diversity and cultural diffusion, with influences from Chinese, Indian, Malay and Tamil cuisine. This make the cuisine of Singapore a significant cultural attraction.

Amongst locals, popular dishes include bak chor mee, mee pok, sambal stingray, laksa, nasi lemak, chili crab and satay. I would like to try the chili crab cos I like "crap" ;p

I mean seafoods!

Since the architecture of Singapore is varied and reflecting the ethnic build-up of the country, I would like to see the night view like below in Singapore~!

Image from Design Institute (Aust)

It is beautiful isn't it? =D

By using the Itinerary Planner I managed to planned a 1-day itenerary (day & night). So here is my plan:

It is kinda hard to decide where to go as we only have one day to travel in Singapore yet so many place to visit!! However we still need to decide right? So with the helps from, I know where I want to travel among all the point of interest =D

Since I like nature the first place I would like to go is Jurong Bird Park and Singapore Botanic Garden

1. Jurong Bird Park (9.30am -11.30am)
Picture sourced from here

I like colourful things especially when it is a living creature. For example, there is a Parrot Paradise in Jurong Bird Park that have lots of different colour parrots gathered all in one place. I will able to snap photos of them without any hassle traveling far to find the species one by one~!

2. Singapore Botanic Garden (11.30am-1.00pm)
The Singapore Botanic Gardens epitomises the tropical island's luxuriant parks. Spread over 52 hectares and close to the centre of the city, the Gardens showcases many outstanding plant collections. Some highlights include the National Orchid Garden, the Ginger Garden, and the Evolution Garden.

Again, colourful living thing - National Orchid Garden, the place that I live to visit =D Afterall we live depending on the nature right? So, get close to the nature while you can~!

3. Chinatown (1.00pm-3.00pm)

Picture from here

In Chinatown there is, needless to say, plenty of Chinese food to go around! I heard the dim sum here is nice. There are a few cool temples here too. A wonderful place to not only eat but wander around. I will have lunch here and try to taste all the foods there~!

4. Vivocity Harbour front(3.30pm -5.30pm)

So after lunch, I would need a relaxing walk somewhere. Without shopping it won't be complete for a one day trip in Singapore!! =D Therefore I would like to drop by Vivocity for shopping and enjoy the air-conditioner without being "cook" by the sun.

5. Singapore Flyer – World's First Full Butler Sky Dining (5.30pm -7.30pm)

Next, I can feast my eyes on a breathtaking view of the island city aboard the giant observation wheel Singapore Flyer. Enjoy the sun set at one of the highest point in Singapore with great view.

Take in the panoramic scenery in one of the 28 fully air-conditioned and UV protected capsules and experience something unique at every turn. Standing at a stunning 165 metres high, I will be thrilled by the incredible view of a sparkling waterfront, towering skyscrapers and tropical greenery. The 30-minute ride promises to be a memorable moment that will last a lifetime. The flyer capsule is large enough to let us have dinner inside too =D

6. Clarke Quay (7.30pm -midnight)
Note how the Chinese and European merchants brought their own architectural styles to the area. Retrived from here

After a day of sightseeing, we can head on down to Clarke Quay for delicious fusion cuisine and seafood.

BUT before that, I would like to get my dose of adrenaline rush with the G-Max Reverse Bungy!

The ride involves up to three people being seated in a specially designed open air steel reinforced capsule. This is attached by US-approved bungy cords to 2 towers. The cords are tightened and then released catapulting the capsule up to 60m in the air at speeds of 200kph. The ride lasts for about 5 mins~!

I can already imagine the fun being inside the capsule and fly up high~!!

After a long day trip and a boost of adrenaline rush, I can have nice food at restaurants in Clarke Quay too~! After dinner I can enjoy the scenery near the river side. Enjoy the ambiance while having some red wine. It is cool to sit down and relax near the riverside and listen to the 1960's music coming from the pub. The one day trip will end with a chilling night at Clarke Quay. Wouldn't it be great? =D

This is how my one day itenerary in Singapore would be. Would it be a dream come true~?

Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore experience


  1. YOYO =) Nice Plan!
    Prepare your money and travel singapore =)
    Inform me date, see if i am free for a meal or joining you.... lol

  2. [Jia Xian]
    Haha if lucky I will be in Singapore on 23th-24th October ;p

    Nuffnang awards~!

    Would like to meet you then you can bring me hanging around~!


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