[Save Our Seahorse] - Dugong Where Are You?

The day after our first Seahorse trip, we had our lunch and then continue on second part of the day. Survey for the place/spots where Dugong @ "Ikan Duyung" appear. First Dr. Louisa showed us the bones of a Dugong that had went to heaven because it was his head was hit by hard equipment, probably boat's propeller.

Later then we drive around the Kampung, interviewed a few fisherman and "penduduk kampung". Most of them said they didn't see any Dugong but sometimes have a swarm of "grey-colour-dolphin" @ "ikan lumba lumba" appear on the sea.

Luckily we found a big family where the grandpa of this family seen Dugong before and told us the story about the "Mermaid Fruits" and the fairy tale of how and why a girl turn into mermaid.

Dr. Louisa @ Dr. Dugong Bones

Randomly saw this shining spider showing "I-will-attack" pose

Dugong's Backbone @ Star Ship Trooper

Dr. Louisa used a lot of efforts to clean the bones. The dead dugong initially was covered with awful smelling flesh. I won't able to stand with the smell.

Dugong have ears, this is his pair of ear bones
Wonder why the bones look so white? It s because it was treated with Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)
You will familiar with it if you have whiten your teeth.

We went for lunch @ Kim Tong New Food court

As usual, pose of people with their food ;p
The winner is Dr. Louisa~!

Here comes the survey form about Dugong.

First we saw a few fishermans sitting under the tree enjoying coconut flesh.

They are showing us the spot where they might have seen Dugong and Dophins

See the face expression of the baby?
He hate me...? lol

Chris and Yeng Yeng coming over from the other side.
Umbrella is a must as the sun is not so friendly to us.

While Choo is surveying the fisherman. I go to look for something that caught my eye.

The skinny cow that drank a lot of water.

Another one with the long horn.

First time saw a cat feeding so many kitten.
It looks warm

I guess this is the moment before we say goodbye. The fisherman start to tell their own story and we "cabut" to look for more people who know about Dugong.
They are friendly after all =)

Next stop, and old cafeteria
Rumah atap with orang tua. Ordered Limau ais that is really different compared with the one in town.

One of the uncle we interviewed, Mr Muscle.

Since there are 5 of us we separate into two teams and go to the other side of the kampung.
The truth is we left Choo with the Mr. Muscle *hiak hiak hiak*Here is another uncle that we had get some info from
But basically I am just taking photo of what I can see in Malay Kampung Area.

You won't able to see people playing Gasing in town nowadays =)

He is the grandpa I mentioned earlier, he saw the real life Dugong when he was young
*Imagine how long have we not able to see Dugong?*
The fisherman's life is getting harder because there are certain development that somehow decreased their income. Therefore their children went to town to work instead of catching fish with net.

But still, there is a big family in this small house =)
Some of them are very shy =)
*I hope they received my photo already*

This is the end of Dugong's Survey. We can't barely find any person who seen a Dugong before. If yes it is way back long long time ago.

Seems like it is really hard to see real life Dugong in the sea again...


Next coming up for [Save Our Seahorse] series,
We went through a channel that bring us to somewhere end of the mainland asia =)


  1. I would love to do what you are doing, helping with conservation.

  2. [DC]
    If you do, please visit www.sosmalaysia.org for more details =)
    They always welcome volunteers~

  3. so... where r u now tianchad? 0_0 keep up the work bro ? im glad that i know some1 like you :)

  4. Awww the kittens 'Feed us mama' was so cute. Hope they have a home. Interesting info about the dugongs btw. =]

  5. save the dugong, save the world.. beautiful scenery btw.. love it :D

  6. very interesting trip you have!! Ahhh, maybe I should regret why I din choose science courses edi

  7. [† ИICHOLAS †]
    Hey Nick I am fine here. Glad to know you too =)

    Yes the kitten have a home, no worries =)
    Nice thing are good to share =D

    [izzat aziz]
    Thanks aziz =)

    Hitomi, you don't have to be in science stream to do this =)
    You just need to be a volunteer @ www.sosmalaysia.org


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