[Save Our Seahorse] - Mangrove's Tale

The trip to Save Our Seahorse [SOS] has become possible after we raised funds by doing "kalang kuni" @ Collecting Old Newspaper "The sun is hot in the sky, just like a giant spotlight" explained what we deal with during collecting old newspaper from house to house.

You can see how we collect ONP from here

So on a rainy morning, me, LiErn, YengYeng and Chris travel together on a car heading to Johor.

On the way,

We made illegal U-Turn infront of Soldier Camp

On the way we stop by and have our breakfast.
The Cat Twins enjoying the cool day sleeping

Now only I noticed she is wearing a T-Shirt with advertisement on it

We passed by the harbour =)
Which somehow affected the ecosystem of seahorse.

Arrived at the SOS Center and saw uncle poking the coconut tree

This is where we stay along the 4 days 3 nights trip.

When we put our bag in the room we saw these huge collection of bones.
Bones solely from one Dugong

It looks like starwars's spaceship

This Dugong died because it was hit by something hard on the skull
Ends up with a broken skull

CheeKuang, who is the leader for SOS Society

Briefed us about the ecosystem in mangrove
Why? Because we are traveling to mangrove the same day we arrive~!

We have tea time and I call it
"Roti Batang"

L-R: YengYeng, LiErn, Chris and Choo

Shell got sponsor SOS but it is not enough to save the seahorse's habitat

So after the Mangrove's briefing, feed our stomach, contact with "Abang Motor" that will lead us. Off we go to mangrove!

I call him, "Uncle Motor"

Yes, we need to wear this "sexy" mangrove shoes. Luckily they have my size as my foot are the biggest.

It was afternoon and luckily the sun not so hot.
I dun believe at first as all I saw is bush
"The Entrance to the Mangrove"

Since it is not a short distance. I "self-photo" with the bush

Captured Yeng2's "Pre-mangrove jump"

"Little poo-poo"
I heard the coffee beans that has processed by animal taste scent better?

Half way to the mangrove area, we met a small challenge.
The wood or so called "bridge" has broke and it is hard to jump over

Luckily Uncle Motor manage to figure this way of crossing bridge.
Thanks "Uncle Motor" =D

Yet before we manage to enter the mangrove area. We have another challenge!!

There is no bridge for this and yes we need to crossover this!!

The "=)" pose before we cross the river

"Uncle Motor" only lead us till this river and now we need to enter the mangrove area by ourself!

This is how we cross the river. Luckily no leeches inside =)

We are now entering the mangrove area!!
Those plant roots are the prove.

We saying bye-bye to "Uncle Motor"

There are a lot of mudskippers and I spotted one hiding with the mud

Start seeing more living creature in here

I call them "poking plant"

Must take more picture as you have not much chances taking picture in mangrove

What I saw in mangrove are all the plants, sea living creature like snails and mudskippers. Before we manage to reach the seaside, we face another challenge. The bush with spiky plant that have thorns on leaves is blocking our way. So what we did was looking for available woods and place it over the plant to make a path.

Have I told you the plant's name?
It's called "Jeruju"
I can imagine when an animal rushing through this bush will have many Harry Potter's scars

The moment me and LiErn still in the Jeruju Bush
I camwhore at special place and time ;p

I know whose footprint this is ;p
It's human's footprint!!

There was no leeches all the way but bloddy mosquitos everywhere!

Choo was collecting plant specimen as I was snapping instead of collecting XD

I feel glad to see the otherside after crossed the river and the Jeruju Bush
Yes we are getting nearer!!
Can you see the bridge? =D

Feel grateful as my camera still survive with the salty mud and air ;p
Till here, would you consider to go to mangrove one day like me?
The fun will be revealed soon!

Updated: Here is Part II - [Save Our Seahorse] At Singapore Bridge


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