[Save Our Seahorse] - I Found Golden Seahorse!!

I have been walk into the Mangrove area, and then stand on the sea that is just beside Singapore. So after a tiring night we are all wake up again for the biggest mission of our trip~!!

"Save Our Seahorse [SOS]"

Early in the morning I played with the kitten.
Cats really like to play with couch grass =)

Morning with some dose of Vitamin C~!

Can you see water vapour "floating" in the air?
It means the sun is coming out~!

Morning sunshine @ the dock

Get in the boat and prepare for new hairstyle done by the nature.

The sea is still quiet early in the morning, water is still.

Are you able to recognize this bridge? It start with "S"

Morning looks for LiErn and the girl staying beside us
*Kinda forgot her name* =(

Here is the energetic three - YengYeng, Chris and myself.

The Singapore bridge, where I was suppose to pass through this weekend...

It is just a while for us to reach the Seagrass bed. Before we dock our boat Choo already saw something in the sea!!

What did Choo spotted?

Yes, it is the first Seahorse that was found. Lucky him ar?
Based on my experience, it is really hard to find them.
They are really good mimic

That day there are 2 video recording guy with us.
Recording for the upcoming programme for SOS.
His facial expression told me he is surprised & curious.

We are now stepping on the Seagrass bed and start looking for the sea horse.

According to Choo, seahorse like to use their tail tie near the root the seagrass. That's how they protect themselves from being flush by the stream.

50 years ago, there won't be smoke emitting out at the background.

Now the industry somehow causing bad effects to the Seagrass and the seahorse if they didn't treating well the effluent. Saw the oily water on the picture below? Yes it is one of the possible cause for decreasing amount of seahorse.

Even the fruit that can turn you to a mermaid might extinct.

We have spent hours on the sea looking for sea horse, but can't barely see any... And the sun is climbing up higher and higher. You won't able to notice them especially when the water turn murky and there are wave coming in. So in order to find them, we need to move slowly and use our little smart eye to spot them.

Tips: Look for seahorse near the end of the seagrass. They always tied at the bass of seagrass

"The sun is rising, we are drying"

I didn't found seahorse, but I found Sea urchin~!
Luckily I was wearing boots that can prevent their spiky needle.
Between, this is Sea Urchin's Butt

After hours, we all going back to the boat.
YengYeng and Chris + 1 Seahorse that I found in the plastic container =D

What do we do after found the seahorse?
This is a Golden seahorse =)

Choo will need to tag them with the non-hazardous dye.
This time it is blue in colour.
We tag them so that we can identified if we found them again in next visit.
No worries, the dye wont cause any bad effects except they look unique.

After tag we need to put it back to the sea =)

I won't forget to camwhore with the seahorse that I found~!! ^@^
*Super happy when I found it~!*

Here is a video of us releasing the seahorse

We back abroad on the boat and the "Boat captain" playing with Jellyfish~!
Their tentacles do sting, but I think he just won't scare ;p

"He is recording, I am snapping"
I like the composition

Mud Skipper came out after sun rise
They are huge and with blue spots

I have seen the red sea cucumber, jellyfish, sea urchin and sea horse.
Did I manage to find all of them??

Yes, we are happy with the "Searching for sea horse trip"~!

Off we back to the SOS center and cleaning ourself before having lunch. Found out that the dye is fluorescent with the exposure of UV light =)
Blue and green, there are more colour too~!

Li Ern being zap by the UV Torch XD


Last but not least, have a look at this video.We are releasing the seahorse back to the sea after tagging and measure his body length. Name of this video - "Like Kayu leh"

My video was supposed to record till it start swimming again, but my video was shorter than it should be. Hey no worries, she is still alive =D

After the exiting trip looking for seahorse, we are now going to look for Dugong~! If you are interested to find and hold a living seahorse by yourself, surf this web - SOS Malaysia


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