[Save Our Seahorse] - At Singapore Bridge

How do I get into this place? See the Mangrove's Tale here =D
Those poking out thing are are air roots of mangrove's trees

Chris was proved to have the genes of monkey ;p

A big clap to ourself because we have passed through the mangrove area and reach the sea side~!Singapore bridge is just behind us!

This is R.E.A.L and we are not dreaming. How many people would actually got the chance to stand on the mud and take picture with Singapore's Bridge? =p

Do you know that mud can be therapeutic for us? All the mineral salts in the clay/mud can actually make your skin smoother =)
*PS: According to YengYeng, the mosquito bites is not itchy anymore after apply the mud*

When YengYeng digging the mud we saw something crawling. It is partially permeable and moving like a worm.

Later then we figure out that It is a Wormlike Sea Cucumber
Soft to touch.

Easy to break.
I believe it still survive because that's how sea cucumber survive by *potong* itself.

I am not regret to bring along my camera and we really should appreciate this!
Muddy Three ^@^

That's why I took lots of photo including myself at the mangrove area *paiseh*

When thinking of *crawling* back and pass through the mangrove. I remember the Jeruju bush
This is the moment before we leave the mangrove area

YengYeng and LiErn have lots of gift from the mosquito
"Twinkle Twinkle Mosqui-bites"

Since it is already 5.30pm++
The foreign worker living beside us starting cooking dinner already.
Girls, do you want a guy who can cook? Pick one! =)

After the mangrove trip, took a group photo
Myself, LiErn, YengYeng, Choo, "Uncle Motor", and Chris

It is all mud inside the shoes

Happy go lucky =)

And I shouldn't wear white =X

After we all clean ourselves, hungry us start to cook

What are we going to cook??

Patience is required when you are cooking this dish =)

Cos even after the sky turn dark it might not cook yet. *hungry*

The foreign worker wearing in blue know how to speak English. So he come to chat with us.
I am sure they are happy to see girls around. The Cheesy Macaroni is very creamy and tasty and it feed us all.

I hereby thanks LiErn to wash the dish and this photo is specially for her ;p

After dinner we have some homework to do, all the plant specimen collected must be arranged and find their family/genus/species name.

I " curi tulang" a while and snap picture of them doing "homework"

As a return, Choo treat us supper at "Mamak Kampung"
Breafing of seahorse trip for tomorrow morning =D *I can't wait till morning*

The objectives to save the Seahorse

I had "Bee Hun Sup" and "Limau Panas"
Tasted so kampung ar.

Chris still look energetic at night ;p

After supper we went to the harbour cause Choo want to take something

There was no wind blowing that night and we are all tired especially YengYeng

So immediately after reach home we all prepare the "tikar" aka bed to sleep.
YengYeng said "Goodnight" =)


The one day mangrove trip is very fun especially when you have friends to adventure together. Cooperation between each other made us passed the "gate" that blocking us [cross river, jeruju bush, mosquito swarm and more]. You will feel that you achieve something priceless when you cross over the mangrove and reach the seaside. A place where not much people will able or willing to go =)

After all, if you don't do it now, when will you have chance to do it? That night I really can't wait to be tomorrow to see the living seahorse by myself~!

*Seahorse not only in my dream*


  1. Wow... really looks like a fun trip...
    Btw...nanged your post on innit and clicked on your ads...^^

  2. Faster put back to water, u gonna kill one of the seahorse. lol

  3. [Kennee]
    It is =)
    Thanks for dropping by!!

    [Nigel Tee]

    Haha I wanna bring back for chinese herbs ~!
    *just kidding*


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