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Men's Uno Model Search 2009 [M'sia] - Part 1

After DCIM Velocity Angel this is the second modeling contest event which I had attended. In 16th October, I went to Pavilion for Men's Uno Model Search 2009 Contest. The venue is still empty because I arrived earlier to avoid the traffic jam. But it seems like I am way too early because it only start after one hour of waiting. This is called "Malaysia's punctuality" The waiter start to serve red wine and some colourful drinks when people coming in Proudly sponsored by ORIS Watch I wish to have a watch which can see the gear wheel moving while clock ticking But I dun like leathers skin =X Spotted a few celebrities and Amber Chia is one of them. Xandra Ooi and Gilian were the judges for this finale. Saw some cast crew from "A Cup of Love" but didn't saw "Kopi Ice" Spot the winners of " I Wanna Be A Model 3 " Sam , Alvin and Stephanie . All three of them are really tall. I guess this is the pop dancing winning group from previou

[Save Our Seahorse] - Dugong Where Are You?

The day after our first Seahorse trip, we had our lunch and then continue on second part of the day. Survey for the place/spots where Dugong @ "Ikan Duyung" appear. First Dr. Louisa showed us the bones of a Dugong that had went to heaven because it was his head was hit by hard equipment, probably boat's propeller. Later then we drive around the Kampung, interviewed a few fisherman and "penduduk kampung". Most of them said they didn't see any Dugong but sometimes have a swarm of "grey-colour-dolphin" @ "ikan lumba lumba" appear on the sea. Luckily we found a big family where the grandpa of this family seen Dugong before and told us the story about the "Mermaid Fruits" and the fairy tale of how and why a girl turn into mermaid. Dr. Louisa @ Dr. Dugong Bones Randomly saw this shining spider showing "I-will-attack" pose Dugong's Backbone @ Star Ship Trooper Dr. Louisa used a lot of efforts to clean the bones. The de