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Win A Fully Sponsored Trip to RIO with #YestoRio!

On one cold morning, I woke up super early to send my girlfriend to work before I go to Lot 10 Shopping Centre for #YesToRio Official Launch. It seems like I arrived a bit too early because the mall only open at 10am haha. Anyhow, I received warm welcome by Yes4G's personnel and had a cup of coffee to start the day. I was informed that there will be a mini #YesToRio contest among all media friends hence I was getting pumped for it! It's good to be early you know? =D



H2O+ Malaysia Brand Ambassador - Priscilla Wong and Aric Ho Malaysia's meet and greet session!

Last Saturday Priscilla Wong and Aric Ho were having a H2O+ Meet and Greet sessions in One Utama and Sunway Pyramid.
Priscilla Wong Tsui Yu, who is a TVB artist became well known through Hong Kong drama "Swipe Tap Love". During the event, there were more than thousand fans came just for Priscilla. Her fans even called her with "Chocolate Jie Jie". However, Priscilla mentioned that she came as "H2O+ Jie Jie" this time with a very humble and polite way.

"Shhh...Listen! 音乐会" ft Shio郭修彧 x Shyan符俊贤 x Shelhiel邝晅恒 @ Good Friends Restaurant & Cafe

"Shhh...Listen! 音乐会" 在槟城成功举办后,这一次在吉隆坡举办的第二场也成功举行啦!Shelheil邝晅恒Shyan 符俊贤Shio郭修彧在此音乐会分享自己的音乐故事与创作,当然他们也唱了很多首歌,包括特别策划了的精彩合唱单元。我个人很享受当晚的music night。他们三位包括当晚的特别演出嘉宾Javen 家豪一起让整个音乐会都很happening。Chrystina 黄玮暄可是一位不单是主持人,而且还是"烟圈"和"六分半"的作词家!很厉害一下 =)

好啦,我暂时先分享一组照片然后一首动人的结尾曲 - "Say Something"。希望你看到我捕抓到的 Precious Moments。喜欢就分享~!

Nuffnang's 7th Birthday Bash @ Barbecue Garden, KL Life Centre #Nuffnangis007

All right, exactly one month earlier Nuffnang was celebrating their 7th birthday at Barbecue Garden, KL Life Centre with the theme of 'James Bond stranded at tropical place'. Since it is an open air restaurant, I didn't want to wear coat/long sleeve to the event and wore my usual striking green and sheep shirt to the event. 
In stead of driving to the event venue, we called an Uber Ride to send us to Barbecue Garden, KL Life Centree. Uber Taxi ride is much more premium if compared to MyTeksi because you will be in a cool car like Mercedez Benz. Now check out all the event photos espcially my cool ride to KL =D

[REVIEW] Jersey Boys Live in Kuala Lumpur. I Love it!

Not sure if you guys know about Jersey Boys but I actually heard about them during my London Olympic 2012 trip. Saw it showing on one of the theatre but I wasn't sure how good is the show until I got the opportunity to watch it live at Istana Budaya, Kuala Lumpur.
Thanks to organiser Milestone Production and Nuffnang (Official Social Media) I've got the chance to not only watch 'Jersey Boys' Live in Kuala Lumpur but also manage to make three lucky readers' dream comes true when they able to watch it live. If you didn't join my giveaway earlier you've missed quite a lot good stuff ;p

Jersey Boys is about a group of four talented man which one of the member has the high pitch that not every man could have. Some people may say his unique voice sound gay but I truly think that it is a blessing for him who can sing so well even when it is live in the theatre! Just like QingFeng from Sodagreen, his voice is unique and identical but good to hear although his pitch…

Shila Amzah LOVE Concert Live in Malaysia 茜拉《爱》大马演唱会 [13 September 2014] #LoveConcertShilaAmzah

Shila Amzah 茜拉, Malaysia own renowned artist is going to launch her very first concert in Malaysia this coming 13 September 2014. Shila Amzah LOVE Concert in Malaysia, jointly organized by Mega Ultimate, and Shila Amzah Entertainment. Since it is still long way to go, they haven't decide which venue to use but they revealed a few things on the press conference which held at KL Tower this evening.
Shila Amzah 茜拉 will invite a male singer (local/international) so that they can sing love songs and duet together. Shila Amzah 茜拉 also shared that if LeeHom 王力宏 is her special guest, she will be too nervous to sing her song properly but it would be great if LeeHom can be a suprise on the concert day itself. If I have the decision to choose who to duet with Shila, it will be non other than 光良Guang Liang and 曹格 Gary Chaw. They are both powerful male vocal in Malaysia!
Shila Amzah 茜拉 and the organizers has planned to have her concert in other countries such as Singapore, China, and etc. Her…

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Should Bloggers Get Paid?

Just recently I realized that most of the successful blogger/personality usually share their own personal life/opinion about something on their social media especially blog. I am not sure if I was too busy with events but it seems that I've lost my personal touch on it some how. It just feels like I am an outsider observing and reporting something deadly at this personal space. Glad that my current working schedule/lifestyle allows me to take a break and think of what I had been doing for past few weeks *I ended up fall asleep on my bed*

Shhh...Listen! 音乐会 Acoustic Showcase ft Shio郭修彧, Shyan符俊贤, Shelhiel邝晅恒 [25.4.2014]

Due to overwhelming response, the talented artists decided to have Shhh...Listen! again for the second time! Shelhiel, Shyan, and Shio will be performing some of their original songs as well as cover songs, and also some collaborations like duets and trios. Also the special guests this time will be Javen Yap as their featured performer and Chrystina Ng as their host!
继第一场在槟城举办的 "Shhh...Listen! 音乐会" 后,这一次将在吉隆坡举办第二场!邝晅恒符俊贤郭修彧在《非常好歌》将在音乐中分享自己的音乐故事,创作等等。同时,他们也为音乐会特别策划了精彩的合唱单元哦!当晚的特别演出嘉宾是在《非常好歌》时的战友叶家豪,而Chrystina 黄玮暄将会是音乐会的主持人!
Date 日期: - April 25, 2014 (Friday)
Time 时间: - 8pm-10pm
Venue 地点: - Good Friends Cafe, 15 & 17, Jalan SS15/8A, 47500 Subang Jaya

Charge 票务: RM20 (inclusive of one free-flow drinks)

For tickets enquiries or reservations 票务询问: - 012-287 7538 / 03-5613 1415


It was a super sunny day, which means good for sport especially racing event! *vroom vroom* In conjunction with 2014 Formula 1 PETRONAS Malaysia Grand Prix that is going to be held from 28 March until 30 March at Sepang International Circuit, Petronas Motorsports gave the Malaysian fans a treat with their Annual Demo Run. It was my plessure to be invited as first few bloggers to cover this event again!! This demo run showcased Petronas involvement in motorsports especially Formula On, Cub Prix Championship, Asia Road Racing Championship, MotoGP, Asia Cup Series, and even Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM).

Samsung GALAXY S5, Gear 2 /Fit available in Malaysia now! Should I upgrade?

Recently Samsung GALAXY S5 was launched in Malaysia at  Pullman Bangsar Hotel. The venue where the event was held was grand. It was really hard to find parking a the hotel basement but thankfully got people guide us there. Samsung Gear 2 and Samsung Gear Fit were launched together with S5. Now let's have a look what's new in Samsung GALAXY S5 smartphone:

Malaysia Breakfast Day Run 2014 #MILO #MBD

It is important to have a good breakfast everyday to fuel your body with enough energy for daily activities. Usually I will make half-boiled eggs together with a cup of MILO before I go to gym in the morning. I always need to eat breakfast because if I don't, I won't be able to lift up heavy dumbbell and gym properly. Do remember that you must have proper food after gym as well so your body has enough nutrient to repair and build muscle tissues, which eventually makes you looks bigger and healthier =)
This time, MILO introducing the benefits of Positive Energy. A nutritious breakfast is the key to Positive Energy and we all should have good breakfast everyday. Having breakfast with MILO will sets a positive mood for the rest of your day, and gives you positive energy both mentally and physically! Do you know that MILO provides a comprehensive blend of vitamins and minerals to give you positive energy for the day? 
Now the annual Malaysia Breakfast Day Run 2014 is back and you…

2014《金视奖》10强入围名单揭晓!Golden Awards 2014 Top 10 Nominees!!

两年一度的《金视奖》于今日公布十强名单。其中《香火》以大热姿态12项入围,紧追在后的有11项入围的《半边天》和10项入围的《无间行者。曾经在前两届金视奖荣获最佳女主角及最佳女配角的雁雁姐,其后星途更是一片光明。其后在电影圈的发展更不容质疑 ,以一部新加坡电影《爸妈不在家》拿下金马奖及亚太影展的最佳女配角。这样的来头,还真让与她一同入围的入围者颇感压力啊!今年,杨雁雁还入围了最佳综艺娱乐节目主持人”接受主持人访问时,还说其实意外的事,有入围就已经很开心。这时,让一同入围的林佩盈说:“这人是来搅局的”哈哈,意味着有着“金马”和“亚太"最佳女配角雁雁姐在入围名单,让大家非常压力。

PETRONAS PRIMAX Challenge with Lewis Hamilton & Nico Rosberg!

Courtesy of PETRONAS Brands, once-in-a-lifetime experience has been given to Facebook users who attained top scores in this FB Game - PETRONAS PRIMAX Challenge. Five lucky winners were selected for this hugh surprise which they didn't know that they will be able to form a team together with Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton and race against each other! Wow that's exciting!! And I didn't know I get to ...

《孙燕姿2014克卜勒世界巡回演唱会》- 马来西亚站 Stefanie Sun Kepler World Tour Live in Malaysia 2014

天大的好消息!!今天孙燕姿在记者会上宣布粉丝期待已久的消息!!8年,粉丝们都等了八年!!《孙燕姿2014克卜勒世界巡回演唱会》 - 马来西亚站将于8月16日,晚上8点,在吉隆坡布特拉室内体育馆(Putra Indoor Stadium)引爆。

孫燕姿《克卜勒》大马签唱会 Stefanie Sun 《Kepler》 Autograph Session in Malaysia:YANZI万岁!

今天孙燕姿的粉丝多数以黄色衣服为主而且也非常亲切又守规矩,由气球组成的“YANZI”排列也非常抢镜。孫燕姿《克卜勒》大马签唱会我个人觉得过得有点太快了。。。虽然天后只唱了一首歌-《克卜勒》,但能看得出粉丝们得到签名后都show出很满足的表情。今天既然你们没有摄影师,我就行小善帮你们拍几张吧~ 要照片可以,但你们要证明给我看为什么你值得拥有咯,还不赶快分享和FB Like!超过100赞就给高清合照当送礼!! =p

iM4U #ReachOutMY Happy Ending @ Taylor's Lakeside! Video inside!

I missed last year #ReachOutMY concert since it was clashing with another event. So I told myself I should never miss it this year and I am glad I did it! Thanks iM4U for inviting me to cover this event and I had fun covering it although it was really tiring like hell... *heavy camera bags and all and event start from 2pm-11pm*

Since I'vegot tons of work to catch up, I will need to finish drafting my blog advertorial first before I can proceed with editing these photos taken yesterday!

I'm Shooting #ReachOutMY 2014 @ Taylor's Lakeside [5.4.2014]

If you've follow my blog you would have know that #ReachOutMY is back again this year at Taylor's Lakeside. In respect of MH370, the stage and event has been scaled and toned down.

To inspire urban youth by engaging international icons to share their experiences in volunteerismTo share that volunteer opportunities come in a variety of exciting platforms There was a giveaway through 1Malaysia For Youth for Meet and Greet session with YouTube Sensations Kina Grannis, Madilyn Bailey, Jason Chen, Jun Sung Ahn, David Choi, Elizabeth Tan and JinnyboyTVat Reach Out 2014!

After Sodagreen Concert, I guess this is will be another concert (but smaller scale) and convention that I am going to cover this month. There was a Press Conference just now and all I could say is you can expect good music performance by your favourite YouTubers and be inspired by the speakers and presenters of the day.


When Swedish House Mafia (SHM) decided to split on June 2012, fans didn’t take this news too easily. Therefore, Swedish House Mafia : Leave the World Behind, directed by Christian Larson follows the journey of Axwell, Steve Angello, and Sebastian Ingrosso to their decision of splitting SHM and the last tour of their career, One Last Tour. One Last Tour sold over 1,000,000 tickets globally in one week which involves 50 countries all across the world. This music documentary captures the insight on why the band had decided to call it off despite being in the tip of the career which brings many fans in to a sheer confusion. 

Sunflowers《太阳花》Short Film by Reservoir Production #SunFlowersShortFilm

Sunflowers《太阳花》 is a short film by Reservoir Production and directed by Quek Shio Chuan. The story is about a struggling make-up artist who finally lands a job only to find that its not her ideal dream job that she had wished for but...


Jersey Boys has been performed over 3000 times and is now the 15th longest running show on Broadway. It has been seen and adored by over 18 million people and that is why we are certain Malaysians too will be mesmerized by its brilliance and energy. This New York Broadway musical is going to rock its way into Istana Budaya from 15th until 27th April. Prices of tickets range from RM200 -- RM680 per ticket.

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