27 May 2011

Tricky Ice-cream Aladin in Clarke Quay Singapore

Will I visit Clarke Quay again?

Gonna visit "TCC @ Tian-Chad-Chen-Coffee-Shop" to check out how's my their business

Or maybe I should buy an ice-cream from this tricky "Aladin". See the video below on how he "tricked" his customer =)

Tricky Ice-cream Aladin in Clark Quay |

These golden bears are smiling as Tian Chad is going to Singapore tomorrow~! Let see if he will able to grab a few stuff from Great Singapore Sale and enjoy The Lion King show~!

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MACY's Celebrity Sofa Creations Revealed with Good Cause

Local Celebrities @ MACY Sofa Creations Launch

The unveiling of all celebrity sofa creations launched at MACY headquarters, hosted by celebrity emcee, Jojo Struys at Wisma Minlon in Sri Kembangan on the 23rd of May from 2 – 4:30 PM. Dennis Lau rocked it out on his electric violin with Beatbox Shawn Lee for the kids of Yayasan Chow Kit who also treated to an exclusive performance by Jojo Struys showcasing her astounding tap-dancing skills to live percussion. Hannah Lo collaborated with Ash Nair on a special singing number. This is a truly unique launch not to be missed showcasing creativity, talent and some of Malaysia’s most well-known celebrities coming together for a good cause.

Check out how they decide to design their sofa by reading this post:

Mr Choong Kar Weng, Executive Director of MACY

At the helm of one of the nation’s largest and well-known furniture stores, Mr Choong Kar Weng, Executive Director of Macy, invited local celebrities from different backgrounds to showcase their creative talents in the “Celebrity Sofa Creations by MACY” campaign to raise funds for Yayasan Chow Kit. These limited edition celebrity sofa creations will be on sale at IPC (Ikano Power Centre) from the 25th of May to 12th June (Wisma Minlon up until July 15th) whereby 100% of the proceeds will be given to Yayasan Chow Kit. This campaign is in conjunction with the ‘Macy Sofas and Curtains Festival’ held 20 May till 12 June 2011.

Some of Malaysia’s most popular actors, TV hosts, deejays, musicians and performers came together to express their own individual style by designing a custom made sofa from scratch. Celebrities such as Harith Iskander, Amber Chia, Jojo Struys, Vanidah Imran and Rashidi Ishak, Daphne Iking, Dynas Mokhtar, Ash Nair, Dennis Lau, Joey G, Patricia Sue Lin Knudsen and Hannah Lo all gathered at MACY to pick out their favourite fabrics, colour combinations and styles to design their own personalized sofas, to their taste.

“The sofa I have designed is something that will catch your eye the moment you walk in the room.” explained Harith Iskander who settled for a green and black sofa.

There’s an interesting back story to each creation. Daphne Iking was inspired by her own heritage when she was designing her sofa, “I infused a touch of ethnicity and culture to the design of my couch to reflect my 'kampung' roots and traditional kadazan dusun culture. The dark brown velvet base complements the retro feel of wooden armrests for the 'back to nature' feel.”

Local award winning actress, Dynas Mokhtar designed a sofa that would be ideal for new mothers. She explained that “your baby deserves the best and so do you! Featuring an extra tall back for neck and back support as well as extra high arms to assist in cradling, this sofa is sure to provide maximum support and comfort for both you and your baby.”

MACY has long been revered as one of the most people-oriented retailers in Malaysia, having recently started a road show to raise awareness about better sleep for everybody, entitled “MACY: Helping Malaysians Sleep Better.” It is this intrinsic all-around altruistic philosophy that makes Choong Kar Weng’s brainchild company stand out in the sea of retailers out there. “We want to let people know that we actually care about our customers. We don’t just sell furniture. We try to build lives and fulfill dreams”

Joey G and Patricia Sue-Lin Knudsen the gorgeous couple =)

Hannah Lo collaborated with Ash Nair on a special singing number. Along with Kamal the guitarist =)

I gotta say strong rapport are needed during duet and they have it =)

Next is Shawn Lee beat-box performance.
He was teaching Jojo how to make three simple beatbox sound.
*Not that simple for me haha*

Yes, Shawn Lee can beat box through outside of his throat. This created the bass effects. Nice!

Wonder what were they laughing =)

I am sure she is amazed by what Shawn Lee can do =)

Yeap, even our local celebrities were also wondering how Shawn Lee can create so many kind of sounds! The amazed face ar haha.

Rashidi Ishak and Vanidah Imran being interviewed by Jojo about their sofa creation moments.

Dennis Lau, Shawn Lee and Kamal collaborated together for a performance of beatbox+violin+guitar.

Jojo Struys tap-dancing with KLDC[Kuala Lumpur Drumline Corps] Crews

Daphne Iking was on the stage doing spontaneous tap-dancing

To finish the launching here comes the group photo of our local celebrities and MACY personnels.
All Local celebrities who participate this meaningful charity event are Harith Iskander, Amber Chia, Ash Nair, Jojo Struys, Dennis Lau, Joey G, Patricia Sue-Lin Knudsen, Hannah Lo, Daphne Iking, Rashidi Ishak and Vanidah Imran.

Let's have a sneak peek of all celebrities sofa creation:
Dennis Lau - Inox L Shape RM 7,299

This explained Dennis Lau's hyperactive energetic character

Joey G and Patricia Knudsen couple designed - Kennedy L Shape @ RM 7,499

Dynas Mokhtar - Aki
2 Seater & Ottoman @ RM 3,099

Ash Nair's outfit quite match with his sofa that day. A cool pose I suppose?

Ash Nair Shinto L Shape @ RM 6,799

Harith Iskander with his Daris L Shape @ RM 3,299

Sexy Mummy Daphne Iking lying on her own sofa creation

Daphne Iking's Ring 3 +2 Seater @ RM 4,599

Hannah Tan with Ring 3+2+1 Seater @ RM 5,399
I like her Cushion Pillow

Amber Chia's Congo L Shape @ RM 6,099
Very outstanding with the shining glowing cloth material used

Rashidi Ishak and Vanidah Imran
Lily 3 Seater + Ottoman @ RM 3,899

Sweet Jojo Struys on her Ocean Blue Sofa

Jojo Struys' Emerson 3 + 2 Seater @ RM 5,299

Thanks Jojo for invites to this meaningful event again =)

If you just have a new house or wanna decorated your living room by bringing in new furniture, why not get one of 10 stylish designed sofa and creations to support charity at the same time? All proceeds will be donated to Yayasan Chow Kit and you can always do good cause.

To have a closer look at the sofa do visit Ikano Power Centre Shopping Centre from 25th onwards. You will need to feel it yourself on how comfort the sofas are~!

For further information on activities related to this campaign, please visit

Read more:
MACY's Celebrity Sofa Creations On-The-Go

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26 May 2011

If Only...

Have you ever think of what the penguin in Sea World was thinking? Or somebody who is close to you? Would it be great if you could read somebody's mind?

I am thinking about myself and that could only be done well when you do meditation. It's been so long I never meditate but sleep away instead.

Suddenly stopped by thinking what am I doing now and why am I doing it. How my future would turn out if I continue? How to improve etc +++

Today has been sleeping whole day long and I don't even know why I so tired, maybe it is the mosquito bites that turns me weak again [touch wood]. I guess I took a chance to meditate while sleeping for so long? lol

Just finished watching Kungfu Panda 2 and it seems like the Peacock Kingdom is so depending on the Goat Witch that can foresee the future. In the end it taught us not to depends so much on the results but to decide on what you wanna be starting from today.

So today I decided to write this post to note down my wonders. If only... =)

Here's a good news to share. Thanks to #maxis10 I am able to keep this HTC Desire S as my new smartphone~! You can read all my review posts as below:

[Review] HTC Desire S with HTC Sense
*See if you can spot Santa Calling me*

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25 May 2011

Sea World @ Gold Coast Australia [Photo Sneak Peek]

How was Sea World Gold Coast Australia? I would say really fun to be there as there are so many animal and special performance that I can see in one place. Here are just five sneak peek photo during the trip to Sea World.

Morning I feel as sleepy as this Polar Bear @ Sea World
Lazy to wake up in the cold weather.

See baby penguin swim freely in the pool
Hear their cute voice

Smart dolphin that make new friends with the kids. Splash water to each other and play catch ball game.

Saw the trainer training the dolphins at the Sea World Dolphin nursery and I can say it is not an easy job =)

The warmest and happiest moment to this lady is when the Seal @ Fish Detective kissed on her cheeks =)

There are so many good deals at MilkADeal and I gotta say this one is awesome one and you must get at least one!!

RM15 instead of RM87 for 3 Full Pints of Guinness draught at Finnegan's Desa Sri Hartamas. Limited to 400 vouchers only!

Quick!! Only 200 vouchers left!! Go grab some vouchers before it sold out in just blink of eyes! Visit Finnegans-Hartamas-Guinness-Awesome-Deal now!

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22 May 2011

MACY's Celebrity Sofa Creations On-The-Go

Local home furniture store, MACY has invited local celebrities to design their own sofa for a limited edition run where members of the public can purchase these sofas and 100% of the total funds raised go to Yayasan Chow Kit.

In mid of April all the celebs get together to design their own sofas right down to fabrics, colours and styles to come up with their very own unique creation at MACY @ Wisma Minlon.

Celebs who attended that day are:
- Harith Iskander
- Amber Chia
- Ash Nair
- Jojo Struys
- Dennis Lau
- Joey G
- Hannah Lo
- Patricia Knudsen

None of the celebrities above has created their own sofa before, so let see how it goes~!

Patricia Sue-Lin Knudsen and Joey G are first two celebs who arrived early at MACY
Since we are early we had a walk in MACY furniture shop first. It is quite big inside with lots of furniture showcased in there.

MACSK DESIGN, a division of MACY
Located at 1st floor where you can choose lots of fabric design there.

1 of the Table Set showcased in MACY

Jojo Struys and Amber Chia like the feel on the carpet.

Jojo and local comedian Harith Iskander

Harith Iskander, Dennis Lau, Hannah Lo and Ash Nair

Amber lying on one of the most comfortable sofa in MACY

Jimmy Koay, General Manager of MACY gave a briefing about the concept of MACY and current trend of sofa design. With MACY you can design your own personalized sofa easily =)

Harith Iskander not forgetting to joke and entertain others

Immediately after the briefing here comes the moment every celebrity design their own sofa.

Each designed sofa will have celebrity's signature labeled on it

The people at MACY is helpful enough to help you design your sofa

Joey G and Patricia Knudsen design a sofa together. What happen when two person opinions combined together?

I guess it will be a lovely couple sofa being designed for other couples too =)

Amber Chia was so passionate sharing about her sofa design
Can you see her passions through her eyes? ;p

Each celebrity will have different unique designed sofa. Hence you won't see similar thing among all of them.

Would Harith's sofa looked fun as him?

Or you prefer a sofa design that look as cool as them?
*Looks like every celebrity has their favourite sunglasses*

A portrait of Jojo Struys in MACY Home Furnishing Shop @ Wisma Minlon

A picture with the sunshine-as-always Dennis Lau

And forever-sweet Jojo Struys who invited me to cover the event =)

Every celebrities has designed their own sofas right down to fabrics, colours and styles. So head down to HQ Wisma Minlon for preview of celebrity sofas designed by top celebs in Malaysia with 10 limited edition sofas~!

MACY Home Furnishings Location Map:
Wisma Minlon, Batu 12, Lebuhraya Sg Besi, Seri Kembangan.
[Click to Enlarge]

The making of MACY Celebrity Sofa!
Let's see how their creation turn out tomorrow at MACY =) Stay tune at this webpage for latest update~! Another meaningful and charity event gonna be covered~!

Read more:

MACY's Celebrity Sofa Creations Revealed with Good Cause

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