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Westports KL Dragons ready for ABL Season 2010/2011

Do you read this post because attracted by the two ladies here? Don't deny if you did haha! Went to TimeSquare Hotel earlier weeks to Press Events about Westports KL Dragons (WKLD). It was established in October 2009, the first and only professional basketball club in Malaysia. Great news for basketball player right? =)

WLKD amde its mark by going all the way to the playoffs in the inaugural Asean Basketball League 2009/2010 season. Now Westports KL Dragons shine along with the support of the asen Basketball League (ABL), Malaysia Basketball Association (MABA), sponsors, the media, and fans.

So here are the Westports KL Dragons members along with their coaches

A closer look for some of the members =)

Dato' Wira Dani Daim, the President of Westports Kl Dragons said that he is pleased with the sponsors continuous supports. The subjective of this year is to win the title, and with a vision to build up basketball.

I believe this is one of their coach, introducing each and every member of Westports KL Dragons

They all look really tall once step up on stage!

This season, the explosive point-guard Guganeswaran Batumalai will be leading the Dragons' charge for the ABL title as their new appointed Captain. Retained alongside him from season one are Ho Yeow Loong, Kwaan Yoong Jing, John Ng Yeo Seng, Alex Yeow Kee Aik, Chee Li Wei, perimeter shooter Loh Shee Fai, and fan-favourite Rudy Lingganay.

The team will also be reinforced with new blood in the form of point-guard Lau Er Kheng, Izran Edika bin Kamarrudin (MVP of the Kuala Lumpur Non Chnese League), Filipino Angelus Santos Raymundo, James Mangahas and Irish duo Jason Killen and Conor Grace.

The moment they watch their own promo video =)

Sponsor from Berjaya Corporation

What is the name of this pair of shoes?

Westports KL Dragons did some "slam dunk" and noticed this is how short I looks when stand beside them.

So ladies, who is your favourite basketball player?

Tall and short imbalance~!

Xpax, Celcom Axiata Berhad's main prepaid brand through S.O.X., the first and only prepaid plan in Malaysia designed exclusively for school students aged between 12 and 18 years old is the Official Telco Sponsor and will anchor on its "S.O.X. All Stars Hoops" platform, its first basketball programme targeted at giving students an avenue into professional sports.

Zalman Aefendy Zainal Abidin, Celcom’s Director of Marketing try to score too. Because of Xpax, his shrt is always purple or blue for Celcom ;p

If only I know how to do a ball spin too

Here is the uniform for Westports KL Dragons =)

If you know how tall is Jestina/Robb. then you know how tall KL Dragons are!

Yes Jestina wonder why they are so tall lol

Last but not least, a pict of me with other bloggers as well with nuffies. Jestina, Robb, Joshua Ong, and Vincent @ Vin Tsen.

The Dragons will continue to play their home games at the historical MABA Stadium in Kuala Lumpur. Tickets are available at the counter on the game days or online at www.tickethotline.com.my or call 03-7725 1177/ 03-7725 1166. For more information on the Westports Kl Dragons, kindly visit www.kldragons.com, follow them on Facebook and Twitter too.

Click on this FB Album link http://on.fb.me/dca1Y9 for more photos of Westports KL Dragons =)

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