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Takers - Everyone is After Something

Yesterday had a little meeting with Nuffnang G+ council members @ Mid Valley and at the same time wait to watch Takers Movie Premiere.

My first time met with Azlin, the new nuffie that joined Nuffnang just not long ago =)
*Sweet smile ar*

Talking about Takers, with the tag line "Everyone is After Something", got mixing feelings after watch this movie. A movie about friendships, trust, betrayal, woman, revenge and not forget about "monkey action" of Chris Brown. He can just climb and jump like a monkey at ease.

The family guy policeman who allow Jesse (Chris) to shoot him after his crime was recorded by a cam. Is he trying to run away from his sin by letting Jesse "punish" him?

Usually cop like Jack Welles (Matt Dillon) in a movie sure is a single parent ar? Spending too much time after the bad guy but somehow ignored his family.

When time pass people do change ha? Everyone is after something, what are you after now? I will still continue after my dream no matter how hard it is =) So I hope you too, go after something that you like to do although you feel it is impossible to reach it. Take the first step, the second step will reveal it self, or else your dream will always remain as just a dream.

While leaving Mid Valley this is one fine piece of art that I was amazed with. Salute to the one who "draw" this!

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