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Sa Sa Fragrance Awards, BlackBerry Torch & GSC Treasure Hunt!

Today attended two events, Sa Sa Malaysia's Colors & Fragrance Awards Prize Presentation Sunway Pyramid and BlackBerry Torch Exclusive event @ Westin Kuala Lumpur. Definitely different kind of event where there are lots of celebrities that attend too.

Managed to take photo with the pretty Nora Danish =)

I was invited by Celcom personally for this BlackBerry Torch 9800 exclusive event =)
Thanks Celcom again for the invite!

Besides, I did try to grab a chance to become one of the BlackBerry Torch reviewers, but too bad that I am not qualified yet. However, congratz to all ten BlackBerry Torch reviewers =) JasonMumbles, Lightyoruichi, Jamie Chin, Jenkinyat, Bryanlyt, XiangCool and four others~!

I have to confess I am in love with her talent ;p

5 more hours will be the starting of GSC 100 PLUS Treasure Hunt. Wish us luck or you can help us answer the riddles & questions through twitter yo~! Please follow @TianChad on Twitter now~! Ah I am suppose to sleep now. G'night peeps!

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