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Premium 7aste Monte Carlo @ Ecoba 2010

Still remember the event that I said you just need to register to able to attend? 7ASTE Monte Carlo event was a successful premium event held at Ecoba with grand decoration and tons of beers for us to share with friends that night. Not forgetting the sparkling wine specially kept for the VIP =)

Not to forget the Porsche outside =)

Was welcomed by the ladies @ registration counter and this is just one of them.
All looks pretty of course =)

This is the VIP Rewards that I got - "Casino Chips" to redeem 3 bottles of 7ASTE sparkling wine to share with friends. I wonder why, the 3 bottles finish in just second. Did someone hide and bring it back without me noticing it?

Emcee of the night Cassandra Patrick

The hot dancers with bodies that girls dreaming of having it.

*Shake it & shake it*

Then heard some guys said, "We want more boobs!" lol

An artistic piece of pict of Dusty

Once the violinist Genervie Kam start playing the music

She looks as serious as this

And RedButtockz become as emo as her music

That's the end pose of the violinist Genervie Kam~!
She has the talent and we should help her a bit =)

The ladies

The HUG crowd. The Ecoba was really packed inside

Familiar faces especially the girl on the left. Always see her in night event =)

Hundreds of champagne glasses

Since we arrive quite late and no more finger food, decided to sit outside and order some food. The food doesn't taste that well compared to last visit.

This is Jack Tam and Rachel Kokonutz

Ah, me and Nicole. Both survived from submit the #MSS post in time but looks tired that night.

SeraphSam @ Samuel Chew a good friend that we knew

More funny poses that we did

Bryan Lim and her friend. What's her name again? ^@^"

Samantha Kong and her friend name _________
*Sorry can't really remember ppl name that night, too tired already*

DJ Droolotte Tasha of the night with some blink blink on her face

There are some people getting drunk at this time already, spot them in the photo ;p

Went to play this Fortuna Wheel just to win a 7aste ThumbDrive. Waiting for so long because people camping at the counter trying to win iPod Shuffle & iPad. It is all computerized so you really must play at least hundred time to win a good prize.

She is the lady(on the left) receiving the iPod Shuffle.

This is the Pendrive that I won, it is really really easy to win cos everyone was betting on "77" or "777" for iPod and iPad.

Clever Munkey @ Henry Lee feels a bit dizzy and resting outside haha

Emeryn, Hui Wen and Taufolou

Last but not least, had a photo with the violinist Genervie Kam hope to know her name soon.
*The inverted seven is because blur Nicole said I hold it wrongly, which I was right la lol*

You can attend this 7ASTE event and have free flow of beer by just signing up as a member. Isn't that cool?? Hope there are more event like this where I can invite more friends to come along!

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