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Oxcart In Melaka

*OxCart in Melaka*

Have you seen an oxcart before? Here is one. I saw it near the Taman Buaya, Melaka and stop by to take photo. Seems like he was too scared till pee on land? Opps!

Just a random post as I am waiting for my broadband to be pimped by DiGi or P1W1max's Wiggly. Used hours instead of minutes to prepare next SOS [ Save Our Seahorse] blogpost as I am having an unstable Maxis Broadband connection and cannot install StreamyX @ my rental house.

It seems like "Cockroach's season" now as I killed 2 cockroaches in one day. They always come out after 12PM... I just cleaned and vacuumed my room yesterday le! Maybe I ruin their hiding place so they come out and visit me...

Reminder to myself: Don't get too busy by just working, working and working. Health is our most valuable investment. So, rest at the right time and play at the right time. Work hard, play hard~!

Anyway, looking forward for more good thing to happen! Hope it happen to you too =D

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)