Best Time to Visit Nami Island Secretly Beautiful At Night | Things To Do In #Chuncheon

Best Time to Visit Nami Island Secretly Beautiful At Night  | Things To Do In #Chuncheon

I guess you've heard of Nami Island 남이섬 because you've watch the Korean drama, but do you know there's a different kind of Nami Island especially when you wait until it sunset?? On my recent trip to Chuncheon, one of the most unforgettable moment and travel highlight was to visit Nami Island in the evening and see how it transform into something so different and beautiful at night.
Staying in Chuncheon was pretty relaxing and I really love the slower life pace in that town. Waking up naturally and enjoying the relaxing burnch before we depart to Nami Island. We took a train from Chuncheon station to Gapyeong Station (total 6 stops) and then a quick taxi ride (5,000 KRW) to Nami Island Departure station. There's also hourly shuttle bus that transfer you at 1,500 KRW only. We need to take a ferry to go into Nami Island, the VISA Entry ticket (included Ferry Fee) to Nami Island cost us 13,000 KRW per person.

It was already almost 3pm when we reach the dock, didn't expect to see so many people coming out from the ferry and it could be a good sign that the tourists are leaving the island (usually people come from Seoul and arrive in the morning). Which means I would have higher chance of getting better travel photos.

The crowd in Nami Island after 3pm was definitely a good decision, many people were leaving while we just heading inside. Thankfully the weather was great, sun lights shining through the slowly-turning-red tree, seeing wild cute animals wandering around (squirrels, rabbit, peacock, geese and more) and how it transformed into something different at night. Yes, Nami Island open till night and have special rate at 8,000 KRW only after 6.10PM.

Transportation info toadjust your travelling time:
Chuncheon → Gapyeong Station (about 20 min by train)
Gapyeong Station → Nami Island : On foot – 20 min. / By car – 5 min.(About 1.9km)

This will be a photo post as usual, leave your comment/question at down below if you need more travel tips from Chuncheon to Nami Island. Hope you like the photos =)

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Really love the golden hours in Nami Island as the sun lights casting strong shadow through the trees and if you play with it you can get some nice photos. At first we decided to leave Nami Island before 6pm, but after we saw some light decoration started to switch on their lights, we decided to stay longer and see how Nami Island transformed at night.

Visited their Nami Island souvenir shop and pretty love the cute snowman T-Shirts. There are Malaysia Version Nami Snowman somewhere on Nami Island too. Go search for it! We had some lamb skewer first before have our dinner at Nammoon Korean Restaurant @ NAMI ISLAND. I will never forget the delicious Korean Pancake I ever had, best paired with Makgeolli drink!

After dinner, we finally see these beautiful white balloons floating in the air which gave a totally different feel to Nami Island. Weather was cold, very suitable for some couple portraits. It was too cheesy for us to take self-portrait hugging each other haha

You can stay overnight at Nami Island if you rent accomodation on the island. The last ferry depart at 21:45 so do make sure you don't miss it. We took the ferry, then a taxi, and a train back to our hotel.

Chuncheon's Mate Hotel is where we stay, located strategically within the Chuncheon town and near to convenient store. Althought Mate Hotel is not new, it is comfortable enough for us to rest for a few nights, kindly request high floor and non-smoking room for better experience.

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We took AirAsia X flight to Seoul and it took us around 6h30m to reach the destination. Overall the flight was great and if you want to enjoy best fare and save money for bibimbap and bingsu in Korea, book your flight ticket few months earlier! Thanks me later =) #VacaywithAirasiaX

This article is part of my travel trip to Korea (Chuncheon, Gangwon, Seoul). Stay tuned on my blog/instagram for more future update! #DKYW2019 #ImagineYourKorea

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