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Soyanggang Skywalk At Night 소양강 스카이워크 | Things To Do In Chuncheon

Soyanggang Skywalk 소양강 스카이워크 | Things To Do In Chuncheon
Soyanggang Skywalk 소양강 스카이워크 | Things To Do In Chuncheon

This is my first time to explore Chuncheon in Korea, and I am going to share with you the first attraction in Chuncheon that you should pay a visit - Soyanggang Skywalk.

Soyanggang Skywalk, which located in Chuncheon is an observatory attraction spot on Uiamho Lake. The bridge will stretch out all the way for a total distance of 174 meters to the lake, and the glass floor beneath is actually transparent! This makes Soyanggang Skywalk the longest glass structure ever built in the country.

Scroll down and have a look on Soyanggang Skywalk at night. I love it colorful and enjoying a cup of coffee under the cold weather is actually pretty relaxing.

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Since we stay in Myeong-dong Chuncheonsi area, we decided to walk around and pay a visit to Soyanggang Skywalk. I think it was around 30 minutes walking distance and that's the way to see more and understand more about your surrounding.

Sunset happening nearby Soyanggang Skywalk

Soyanggang Skywalk at day time

Love locks for the couple at Soyanggang Skywalk

Found a cute bear love lock here | Soyanggang Skywalk

Sitting area with colorful umbrella | Soyanggang Skywalk

The bridge are mainly transparent and made of tempered glass, it makes you feel like walking on the water and you gotta be brave enough to walk on top of it. Since I am not afraid of height, I went to the end of the bridge with ease hahaha!

I will recommend you guys to visit Soyanggang Bridge during sunset hour (depends on weather) as the bridge will turn colorful with the rianbow LED lights at night. You will able to see the colourful water fountain too. On the brightside, it makes you feel easier to cross the bridge too as you can't see the lake beneath directly.

Check out some photos taken during my visit. You can then decide which time to pay a visit to this beautiful glass bridge in Chuncheon.

Day time the bridge seems normal only | Soyanggang Skywalk

Information on Soyanggang Skywalk

3D Illusion Graffiti  | Soyanggang Skywalk 

For adult, 2,000 KRW per person but can redeem as Chuncheon Gift Certificate

Another 3D Illusion Arts  | Soyanggang Skywalk

Walking on the transparent bridge | Soyanggang Skywalk

Walking on the transparent bridge | Soyanggang Skywalk

Mandarin Fish fountain sculpture  | Soyanggang Skywalk

At the end of the skywalk bridge there is a circular platform. The center section of the plaza is made of transparent glass with observatories area on its both sides. There's this Mandarin Fish FOuntain Sculpture pouting water in the middle of the lake. After sunset, the skywalk is illuminated with colorful lightings hence created another fantasy.

Mandarin Fish fountain sculpture  | Soyanggang Skywalk
Mandarin Fish fountain sculpture  | Soyanggang Skywalk

Let's have a look at more photos of Soyanggang Skywalk at night. It is so colorful that I need to share more photos taken on this skywalk. Just beautiful =)

Soyanggang Skywalk at night

Soyanggang Skywalk at night

Soyanggang Skywalk at night

Soyanggang Skywalk at night

Soyanggang Skywalk at night

Soyanggang Skywalk at night

Colorful reflection on my Galaxy Note 10+ |Soyanggang Skywalk at night

Your entry ticket will entitle you 2,000 KRW Chuncheon Gift Certificate | Soyanggang Skywalk

Sweet Potato Latte is recommended | Soyanggang Skywalk

Since we came here at night, left the coffee store available  | Soyanggang Skywalk

Sweet Potato Latte is recommended | Soyanggang Skywalk
We ordered a sweet potato flavored coffee with our 2,000 KRW combined and it tasted a bit too sweet but great, especially during the cold weather at night.

The beautiful Soyanggang Skywalk at night

Do note that visitors must put on shoe covers before entering the skywalk. Ticket price for adult is 2,000 KRW but you can redeem it for food and drink purchase from the mini-store nearby, or use it at shops near the skywalk as well as the dakgalbi (spicy-stir-fried chicken) and makguksu (buckwheat noodles) restaurants and traditional markets. 

That means basically this attraction is FREE

【Soyanggang Skywalk Location】
8 Geunhwa-dong, Chuncheon-si/150m downstream of Statue of Soyanggang Maid Fish Statue

【Soyanggang Skywalk Facilities】
Soyanggang Skywalk bridge (156m in length, 4m in width, 6.5m in height),
Main Tower (31m tall), two restroom areas and one restroom for the disabled.

【Soyanggang Skywalk Operation Hour】
Peak season (March-Oct): 10 AM - 9 PM
Off-season (Nov-Feb): 10AM - 6PM

Tickets are available for purchase until 30 minutes before closing time and you are advised to leave the premise before closing time. In the event of snow, rainy or strong wind season, it will be closed until it is safe to open again.

For more information, feel free to check out Chuncheon Official Travel Site.


Chuncheon Tourist Information Center
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We took AirAsia X flight to Seoul and it took us around 6h30m to reach the destination. Overall the flight was great and if you want to enjoy best fare and save money for bibimbap and bingsu in Korea, book your flight ticket few months earlier! Thanks me later =) #VacaywithAirasiaX

This article is part of my travel trip to Korea (Chuncheon, Gangwon, Seoul). Stay tuned on my blog/instagram for more future update! #DKYW2019 #ImagineYourKorea

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