The Music Run KL @ Selangor Turf Club & I Won iPod Shuffle with #TCSelfie!!

A trip will never be complete without a #TCSelfie
Today weather was really hot and I really wish that Malaysia can have that cold breeze blowing over our face while having puffy white clouds decorating the blue sky. Maybe that's why people always like to take prewedding photos oversea ha? =)

I am gonna share tons of photos taken during Malaysia first ever Music Run which was held at Selangor Turf Club. Will definitely talk about the good and bad thing about this run.

#TCSelfie with bunch of friends running together
I did a FB giveaway for readers of and glad they able to enjoy this run together. Here's a picture of us and friends who went to TheMusicRun at the same day. I am not sure if you went to the wrong Selangor Turf Club, but some of my friends didn't check the WAZE properly and went to somewhere "ulu".  Hence explain the slow start and people arrive late. Each vehicle need to pay RM3 to enter the parking area and it is still okay if you carpool with friends.

Okay photos time!! Below photos are all taken using my Nikon D800 with my favourite fish eye lens attached to it. Yeah I was running together with a DSLR haha.

#TCSelfie with people who dressed up for the run

#TCSelfie with Elvis Presley buatan Malaysia hahaha

The Music Run started but it was too cramp for everyone to run all together

#TCSelfie with friends from Hotlink 

Octocopter with GoPro/camera attached on it

Linora Low throwing out TheMusicRun Bandana  to the crowd

One of my favourite picture taken during #TheMusicRun

Fun peeps @ The Music Run KL. The most entertaining cheerleaders throughout the race track

Some people running while some decided to walk slowly and enjoy the view
That morning I was actually expecting that the whole run will be boomed with loud music (which we have voted on Spotify). If you were at The Music Run,  I think you will agree with me that it was a turn off when we run halfway and there was no music because the speakers doesn't work. So all of sudden we ran in silence... People paid RM70++ for the experience and music was the main point of the run!! However, I am glad I came to this place because there are a few stretch of the road which has amazing scenery that I love to slow down and enjoy the view.

Sun shining through the trees

My girlfriend who run faster than me while I follow behind

Thanks AIA to be the main sponsor of The Music Run @ KL

I always like to take photo with love elements

Bumped into @MelakaBoy

Another favourite photo featuring Selangor Turf Club scenery

Maxis Hotlink, the official telco sponsor has decorated 1KM of the race track with many pop-stars photo frame and I had fun taking photos in that zone. People don't run anymore and just slow down, take turns to take photo with their favourite artist. Furthermore, there were Hotlink crews giving out a special 'disc' to redeem ice-cream right after we finished the run. Good job Hotlink =D

#TCSelfie with Robin Thicke photo frame prepared by Hotlink

Met Robin Thicke the real person during MTV World Stage 2013
Robin Thicke in real person of course look more charming than the bill board. Congratz him for created a hit song "Blurred Line";  Pharrell William who was featured in Blurred Line has this "Happy" that I really love to listen to whenever I go to the gym. It just makes me feel pumped up and happy

More selfie with awesome dressed up #MusicRunners

Backlight is awesome with Will.I.Am hahaha

Maroon 5 the powerful vocal . Sorry Nicole can't see you

Little angel with dad. I think she won the best dressed awards

Running through a tunnel where  color LED lights switching colors inside

Climbing up hills at Selangor Turf Club @ The Music Run KL

Spotted Dennis Yin one of the great dancer from Elecoldxhot. 

#TCSelfie at the finish line since people already crowding in front

Awesome FinisherPix photographers who helped us take running photos
The best looking photo among all 5 images the photographers manage to take
I pre-registered with FinisherPix for The Music Run @ KL as they were kind enough to help us capture running photos for free. Received an email weeks after the run where you can download your running photos. I wonder how they process all the photos, rename all using bibs number?

Crowded  place where everyone wanna collect the After Run certificate

Met uni friends there, harlo Timothy!!

A picture with awesome readers and friends who joined The Music Run

After meeting up with my lucky winners who won the passes for The Music Run, we went to the Hotlink Booth because they have prepared small gift for us. Didn't know that we appeared in Hotlink Music Run video afterwards.  Check it out below!

The Music Run in KL - Hotlink

Glad to meet Ivan Khong and his wife! A very good friend I know through blogging *vroom vroom!!*

Won an iPod Shuffler because of posting selfie on Instagram. Woot!!
Thanks to The Music Run and AIA, I received the iPod Shuffle that I won by just posting selfie tagged with #AIASuperstar. They even print out all Instagram photos with that hashtag, too bad I left earlier and didn't manage to collect them... 

The first Music Run KL was good to me but for sure they can do better if it happen again next year. Good thing about The Music Run is they never limit the finishing time and it is a run entirely for us to enjoy the fun. I did enjoy myself running around the beautiful Turf Club filled with greenery. Great people offering drinks at the drink station and fun photo op at Hotlink zone. I hope The Music Run organizer can improve their sound system next year and make sure there is no interruption throughout the whole run. (sudden silence at certain part of the race track). Improve security at car park area because some cars were broken into during the music run. Oh yeah, the most important thing is to always start the run ON TIME! Or else everybody get fed up with the waiting and hot sun... *which is why I left earlier*

All right, gonna end this post with the official video by The Music Run. Enjoy!

The Music Run - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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