Sushi Weekend Buffet Lunch @ Traders Hotel - Gobo Chit Chat, KL

Some nicely prepared Sushi on the buffet line of Traders Hotel - Gobo Chit Chat

Two weeks ago I was at Traders Hotel, the place where you can have the most awesome view of Petronas Twin Towers. I wish I was there to capture some awesome timelapse but this time I was there to enjoy a Sushi Galore at Gobo Chit Chat. 

Beginning 15 March 2014, Gobo Chit Chat, one of the best all-day dining restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, is having Sushi Weekend Buffet Lunch. Available on Saturdays and Sundays, the Sushi Weekend Buffet Lunch is all about having a variety of Japanese delicacies for everyone. There are 30 types of sushi and maki rolls, six types of ramen and various hot and cold dishes for guests to enjoy. Priced at RM68 nett and including unlimited green tea, this sushi weekend buffet lunch also features many types of dessert, the highlight of which is the Green Tea Chocolate Fountain. *slurp*

Scroll down and check out all the photos that makes you salivate! 

Gobo Chit Chat features a wide selection of contemporary Western and Asian cuisines with a sushi bar, Thai appetiser buffet, front noodle kitchen and show bakery. The kitchens are displayed in an unusual manner; this arrangement ensures that orders are freshly prepared a la minute and served right away at the table. Guests can catch a glimpse of the restaurants’ team of sushi chefs as they roll colourful masterpieces of sushi to entice guests’ palates.

Interior layout of Gobo Chit Chat dining area - can accommodate 215 guest at once

Colorful and  more than 30 types of sushi and maki rolls for you to choose!!

My first time saw a pink Sushi ++

Five main sashimi all yours! Now I can have unlimited Salmon~

I like to eat Jelly Fish hence I found little heaven in their cold dishes

Even salad itself already have multiple types of  possible mixture
If you are there for Sushi Buffet, make sure you eat just Sushi and Sashimi instead of too much starters. I regret doing that because I was attracted by the attractive starters and ended up less space for the main cast - Salmon Sashimi *my favourite wherever I go*

You can always have salmon sashimi to start you day~

You can always choose your favourite Teppanyaki raw material here =)
I was already half full because I had too much sashimi hence I didn't order Teppanyaki the other day. You can always call in to ask what are the available recipe and choices.

Fresh vegetables displayed on the rack. You can always get some steamy hot 'baozi'

Six types of ramen available during Sushi Weekend Buffet Lunch @ Traders Hotel

Okonomiyaki Station @ Gobo Chit Chat, Traders Hotel, KL
Okonomiyaki is a popular pan fried food that consists of batter and cabbage. Selected toppings and ingredients are added which can vary greatly (anything from meat and seafood to wasabi and cheese).This actually reminds me of Korean Pancake where they always make pan fried mixture of fresh seafood like octupus and prawns together with vegetable slice and egg. I hope to see more varieties of ingredients for Okonomiyaki in Gobo Chit Chat =) Especially smoked bonito (katsuobushi) and dried seaweed.

You can have unlimited grilled sotong here @ Gobo Chit Chat

My favourite fish - Shishamo (Capelin) . High cholesterol but I just love it hahaha
There are a few different types of grilled fish including Salmon, Shishamo and many more which I don't remember the name. Looking at all the varieties offered here, and able to spend almost 3 hours eating non-stop. It definitely worth more than RM68 especially if you are Japanese Food lover. Oh ya, they have Soba soup with crab inside to increase the taste too. *thumbs up* I only showed you guys half of the avaialble choices which attracted me so it is for you to figure out the rest.

Here's the Green Tea Chocolate Fountain @ Gobo Chit Chat, Traders Hotel, KL
When I see green color, I will always guess if it is green tea or wasabi. The chef was playful enough to mention this is a 'Wasabi' Chocolate Fountain. I was surprise to hear that and eager to try it out but ended up it was just a friendly joke =.=" Okie la, usually naughty chef will be a fun person to hang out with haha.

The sweet Green Chocolate is best paired with the sour sweet strawberries. Go create your own food art if you are there!!

One of many other desserts. I was there for Sushi so yeah maybe next time ;p

The best thing is you can have unlimited Green Tea throughout the buffet 

Gobo Chit Chat is on level five of the hotel and can seat 215 guests. It opens daily from 6:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. It offers breakfast buffet from 6:30 to 10:30 a.m., lunch buffet from noon to 2:30 p.m. and dinner buffet from 6 to 10:30 p.m. Last orders are taken at 10:30 p.m. For reservations, call (603) 2332 9905 or email

Awesome view of KL City with Twin Towers in the city view right from Gobo Upstair Lounge and Grill
Thanks again to Traders Hotel for the fruitful Japanese Sushi Buffet Lunch at Gobo Chit Chat. I still remember how I stuff myself till bloated because of all the available Sashimi!! Please forgive me for my cute and round tummy after this scrumptious meal!

I hope that one day I can stay in Traders Hotel for a time-lapse photography project featuring PETRONAS Twin Towers =D Just imagine you can have this view everyday and see the sun rise AND sun set! 

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